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I Moved to a New City...

It feels like I've been talking about this move for ages, but as of three weeks ago, it finally happened! Goodbye New Jersey, hello Ohio!

"Eh" is about right to sum up the distance between home & where I live now. My parents and I road tripped over two days to Cincinnati, and along the way we drove through Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I had no clue WV and PA even shared a border, which shows how little I know about geography. I was also surprised to find that Cincinnati borders the state of Kentucky. Like the other day I took a right turn instead of a left and I ended up in Kentucky. Here's a helpful visual to explain:

Crossing the border for a $20 shellac mani? You know I'm there.

In case you've been out of the loop on my affairs, the reason I've moved to the "Midwest" (in quotes because Ohio really isn't the Midwest you guys... I mean, we're on the same time zone as Manhattan!!) is because I've started working for Procter & Gamble! I began my job two weeks ago, and I'm working as a Process Engineer for P&G's Fabric Care category (so like Tide, Downy, Gain). I'm not going to go on about my job here, so just give me a call & ask me about it if you're genuinely interested. Work has been great though. After three months of bedrest and limited social interaction, it feels nice to be using my brain again for something other than watching The Price is Right. But in all seriousness, I'm super happy with my job, which is great because I really had no idea what I was signing on for. My office just has a really unique, supportive, and comfortable environment, and I've enjoyed learning lots in my first couple of weeks!

Ok now a trigger warning for my New York friends, I'm sorry but I'm not gonna *not* share pics of my fab apartment. I'm living in a building about a block from my office, which is good because I don't really have a commute. It's also good because there's no Dunkin on my route to the office, so I've been forced to make my own coffee and save money (adulting!!).

See that building right behind my window? Yeah, that's my office.

This table is super vintage. It belonged to my great-grandmother & was also in my grandmother and mother's first apartments. This table is where my mother & father shared their first home-cooked meal (so romantic right?).

The cost of living in Cincinnati is crazy compared to Manhattan, or Chicago, or even Ithaca! In fairness, I've sacrificed quite a bit to live here (no Central Park walks, Fresh & Co salads, hazelnut lattes from Pret, after work spin classes at Equinox, or living within a subway ride of all your closest friends). But, coming back to this gorgeous space at the end of a long day is the most comforting thing in the world.

My mother & I, being the aesthetic-obsessed women we are, spent all summer scrutinizing sofas, bedding, furniture, and decor in order to create the perfect environment for my first apartment! I'm so pleased with how it all came together, and while there are certainly more opportunities to add, I'm trying to save money so please don't send me any links to decor or knick knacks because I have no will power & I will definitely buy it.

All of my furniture is from Raymour and Flanigan, and the decor is from a number of stores including Pier 1 Imports, Pottery Barn, Nordstrom, and just things I've collected through my travels.

What I love most about my apartment is that it's totally mine. That's got to be the best feeling of working in the real world like, when you get that paycheck, that's your money. And when you spend your own money, you want to take care of the things you spend it on. I actually clean and vacuum and use "disinfectant spray" every single day because I care SO much about how this space looks and feels. I finally understand what motivates my parents to keep our home so clean! I get it now (adulting part 2!!).

This past weekend, Sammy came to visit me and we took Cincinnati by storm. There's so much to do here that we didn't even have time for everything I'd planned. We went to the top of the tallest tower & looked down at the city from above. We spent a morning at Findlay Market checking out the fresh produce & sweets. We saw two shows (cultured af), ate a lot of really good food, and scootered around the city on Birds (if you haven't heard of these, please read up... they're revolutionary).

I thought Chicago was the windy city but turns out more than one city can have wind... who knew?

Right now it's all about having a positive attitude. This is a new chapter of my life. I'm in a place that's totally different than anywhere I've ever lived, and I'm sort of on my own. And that's exciting. I still feel like a kid; I call my dad any time I get a bill and I call my mom any time I need advice. But at the same time, I'm definitely learning how to take care of myself, and how to be accountable for the things I do. Wow, I sound so mature. I promise, I'm still the same cray girl I've always been, just ~relocated~.

Ok, so if you're familiar with the Cincy area, send me restaurant recommendations. If you're not familiar with the Cincy area, come visit me! My apartment has plenty of room & I promise I won't take you for "chili" (it's a staple food here, you know there's no way I'm actually eating that.)



PS: I will do an outfit/work wear post eventually. I know I've been getting a lot of questions about my work wardrobe (thanks Snapchat fans lol) Stay posted, I promise to write again soon!

I love Cincinnati *this* much (wouldn't be a complete post without the classic Sloane abroad shot).

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