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Update: 10 Weeks Post-Op

Typing the title for this post made me a little emotional because I really can't believe it's already been 10 weeks since my operation. Since my last update, I've become a lot more active and I'm excited to share some of the progress I've made. I go to physical therapy three times a week which has been helping my body recover. At first, PT was difficult because I wasn't used to being active, so my muscles were constantly sore and I started to feel back pain again. I had a real flare up the first weekend after I started PT, and my back hurt so badly that I couldn't leave the house! This was especially frustrating because I had been making such great progress, and it felt like a major setback for my mobility. Fortunately, the pain subsided after a couple of days, and now I feel myself continuing to get stronger each day! Here are just a few milestones I've hit over the past couple of weeks:

- Consistently walking over 5,000 steps a day

- Driving (just took my car out for the first time today & it felt great! The only reason I waited so long to drive again was because I was still feeling a little uncomfortable sitting in a car, but I'm glad I pushed myself to get behind the wheel today!)

- Withstanding 2+ hours sitting in a car

And I'm doing all these things without taking any medication! My surgeon warned me that when I started physical therapy, I might be in pain and I could use the medication I was prescribed to help myself through it. But I opted to just deal with the pain because taking the medication really messed with my body, and I just didn't want to go through the whole withdrawal process again.

The other night, we celebrated Sammy's birthday at the Chart House in Weehawken, and it was the first time I had an excuse to get dressed up since my operation. I'm still adjusting to my new body, but it felt great to put on a dress and sandals (I'm not allowed to wear heels for a while unfortunately). My next appointment with my surgeon is in two weeks, and I'm excited to see how my fusion is progressing (fingers crossed that everything is going as planned).

Peep my incision at the top! It's slowly healing into a scar...

I wish I had more updates to share, but as my mobility is still limited, my life has been pretty boring this summer! I am looking forward to my upcoming move to Cincinnati in October, so I've been spending my free time shopping for furniture to decorate my new apartment!

More updates to come soon!



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