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Travel: Fez, Morocco

After leaving Lisbon, we flew to Fez, Morocco and as a family entered a new continent together for the first time. The first thing that surprised me upon landing in Fez was how absolutely beautiful the airport was. JFK, take notes!

As we drove through the city of Fez to our hotel, I was struck by how jarringly different this destination was to the cushy European city from which we had just departed. Fez is a colorful, loud, fast-paced city, and the vast economic gaps that plague this town are illustrated by Palm Beach-style villas that stand behind gated entrances across the street from crowded apartments with tiny windows.

The view from me and Sammy's window at Hotel Sahrai. We had an incredible view of the medina.

As we settled in to our first night in Fez, we had the most delicious meal at one of the restaurants in the hotel. This was our first foray into Moroccan cuisine. We had tagine, lamb, hummus, pita, and everything in between!

This was genuinely the best meal of my dad's life. Look at that smile!

And even if you're a picky eater like my mom, you can still find pasta in Morocco!

Our first full day in Fez was spent wandering through the Medina, the main downtown district. Our tour guide, Azzedine, was an expert on all aspects of Moroccan culture and gave us a comprehensive tour of the history of the city of Fez.

We also toured the Jewish quarter in Fez, where we saw one of the oldest Torah's in the world. It was amazing getting to learn a bit about the roots of the Sephardic Jews.

Within the souks of the medina, we found hundreds of shops selling everything from food to clothing.

And camel meat!

This gorgeous gate guards one of the many castles used as a residency by the King of Morocco.

Another exciting part of our tour of Fez was seeing artisans craft and paint their pottery.

Our adventure in Fez was supposed to be followed by a four day camping excursion in the Sahara desert, but there was an unexpected snowstorm that blocked our car from being able to reach our destination. So, we headed to Marrakech early! Check out my next post for an overview of our time in Marrakech!



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