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Life Update: Senior Year!

Not to be cliche but I literally feel like I started college five minutes ago. The past three years at Cornell (and London College of Fashion) have been an absolute privilege, and I am freaking out that I only have one year left up in beautiful Ithaca. The past few weeks have been a total whirlwind. I finished up my amazing internship at Chanel, packed my things, and made my return voyage up to Ithaca! I now finally feel settled in to my first actual apartment, an adorable split level unit in the heart of Collegetown, with my two best friends from freshman year (I love full circle endings!! Thank you Jameson Floor 3!!!)

Since I’m a senior, I’m doing my best to enjoy every second of the day. I’ve spent the past three years making sure all my academic requirements were properly fulfilled, so this semester I had the unique opportunity to take four very fun, very different courses. I’m taking Introduction to Psychology, which at Cornell is a predominantly freshman course with about 850 students. I’ve never been particularly interested in psychology, but on my flight home from London, I was seated next to a psychology professor from Rowan University, and over our six hour discussion, he convinced me that I shouldn’t graduate college without taking a psych course. I’m hoping to learn more about how people think, but so far I’ve learned quite a lot about how mice think. I am also taking a class called Textile, Apparel, and Innovation, which is of course a part of the Fiber Science & Apparel Design major. This course covers a wide variety of topics within the realm of innovative fibers and their applications. It’s definitely outside of my comfort zone in fashion, so I’m excited to be challenged by this new material. Another course I’m quite excited about is called Hip Hop: Conflict & Controversy. This is one of those “only at Cornell” courses, and in it we explore arguments about race, socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality, and other similar topics that are frequently discussed in rap & hip hop music. I’ve found the opportunity to use rap and hip hop music as a medium for social discourse to be quite challenging, but also extremely thought-provoking. My fourth course of the semester is called Principles of Supply Chain Management, which to some might sound quite boring, but I’ve found this course to be the most perfect opportunity to combine my talents in creative thinking and analytical strategy. This summer at Chanel, a lot of my work was focused in operations and fulfillment. It was a field I was never previously exposed to, but after my internship, I’ve concluded that it’s the perfect career path for me. Taking this Supply Chain Management class has helped me form a greater understanding for what supply chain strategy entails.

College, of course, is so much more than time spent in the class room. I’m serving as the Vice President of Management and Finance for the Cornell Fashion Collective (CFC) this year, and I’ve found this role to be one of my most exciting pursuits so far on campus. CFC is a collaborative community for designers and business students to come together and create one of Cornell’s largest annual events, the CFC Runway Show. Jessa, who is President of CFC and was my lovely roommate while abroad, convinced me to take on a leadership role in this organization, and I’ve found the opportunity to contribute to such a vital campus organization to be incredibly fulfilling. I am so excited to see how the show comes together over the next few months (and for those of you interested in attending, our show will be on March 10, 2018).

I’m also involved in a number of other fashion clubs, leadership committees, and honors societies. I anticipated that senior year would be my most relaxing, stress-free year, but between work, my classes, my commitments, and the looming job search, this has been my busiest semester to date. But that’s not a complaint; I thrive when I’m at my busiest!

Fortunately, my friends and I still find time for fun (and specifically, for Ithaca’s famous wine tours!!)

I apologize for the absence of content, but it’s so easy for time to get away from me on this campus. I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their fall and enjoying lots of Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!

More to come soon!



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