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Statement Earrings: the Must-Have Accessory for the Summer

When I began my semester in London, one of my professors informed us that like it or not, living in Europe would transform our senses of style. I wasn't so easily convinced. But by mid-April, much to my surprise, I discovered that my classmates, professors, travels, and the city of London itself had, in fact, impacted my style ever so slightly. I've had my fair share of style transformations, from a Blair Waldorf prep fanatic in high school to a 90's nostalgia choker-wearing college freshman (let the record show I embraced chokers before they were "cool"). Style is a dynamic concept, an ever-changing reflection of what we are exposed to, our current dispositions, and our culture. This makes defining one's personal style nearly impossible. And, IMO, that's a good thing! I mean, unless you're Karl Lagerfeld, why would you settle on one wardrobe for the rest of your life?

Karl rocks this look, but oh what I would give to see him in an electric blue suit!!

While my personal style is constantly evolving, three colors have always found their way into my closet: black, navy, and grey. These are my staples, my go-tos, the shades that never fail me. If you’ve ever gone shopping with me, you’ll know that I gravitate almost exclusively to garments of these classic shades (just ask Chloe). I embrace these colors so passionately, not because they’re classic or bland, but because they serve as a perfect blank canvas, which I can decorate with rainbow pom pom sandals, bright pink PVC tote bags, and colorful shades of lipstick.

These colors have always formed the foundation of my wardrobe, so as I packed for London, my suitcases were filled to the brim with Tory Burch blue denim jeans, navy and black blouses and turtle necks from J. Crew, and the occasional "trendy" bell sleeve sweater from Zara (of course only in muted shades). I would have loved to ship my entire winter and spring wardrobe across the pond, but because United Airlines limited me to two suitcases, I had to pack strategically. I decided to only pack my most basic, simple, easy-to-wear items so that everything would fit in my black/navy/grey color palette, and I’d figure out how to style it once I got to London.

This color palette, I reasoned, would fit perfectly with what I expected to be many cold and cloudy London days. But as I settled in to my new home, I discovered that London had much more to offer beyond dark skies and intermittent rain. My new environment exposed me to professors with neon purple hair, vibrant vintage shops that resurrected the hypnotic colors and patterns of the 1970s, and red double decker buses that contrasted so starkly against the white and beige buildings along Regent Street. Even on my weekends away from London, I couldn’t help but feel influenced by the screaming signature orange of the Easy Jet planes that seemed to surround me. The more color I saw, the more I wanted to embrace it. But even I, with a lifetime of experience in fashion and styling, tip toed cautiously into the world of color. I wasn't quite ready to invest in millennial pink jumpsuits and green snakeskin boots. So, I slowly but surely began to adopt the skill of accessorizing.

Examples of classic "Sloane" outfits which I've pretty much lived in my whole life.

My first foray into accessorizing took place on the eve of the eve of my 21st birthday. My friends and I found ourselves invited to a fashion show during London Fashion Week, and I knew my plain wardrobe would not suffice for such an occasion. I wandered around Oxford Circus for hours, searching for style inspiration, which I finally found in the form of red fringe earrings. In a previous life, I would never would have even given these innately obnoxious earrings a second glance. But, I was feeling adventurous, and I decided to purchase them and give *statement earrings* a try. What I like about these earrings in particular is that they're BRIGHT FREAKIN RED and impossible to ignore. They're also effortlessly stylish, meaning I can pair them with jeans and a plain t-shirt and still look like a fashionista. But most of all, they make me feel like a movie star. When I wear them, I am unstoppable. There is something about the color red that just fills you with confidence (I highly recommend it!)

White tee + Ripped jeans + Red earrings = Perfect spring/summer look! Who said I wasn't good at math?

Lipstick color: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in shade La Raffinnée

So anyway, the other day my friend Rachel asked me what I think the must-have fashion piece is for this summer. And I (confidently and dramatically) exclaimed: statement earrings. I don't know about you, but I heavily invested in last summer's off-the-shoulder trend, and I'm not quite ready to give it up, but at the same time I'm feeling bored of my old blouses. Adding into the mix a pair of statement earrings is the perfect way to give this tired look some new life! And I'm not the only one who's championing statement earrings this summer (read this Business Of Fashion article detailing the emergence of this trend).

Shopping for statement earrings is easy once you work out your priorities. For me, I look for length (long earrings can slim and elongate the appearance of your face!), colors I don't typically have in my wardrobe (to spice things up of course), and weight of the earrings (I'm trying to be stylish, not destroy my ears.) So if you're in a mid-summer style slump, head to the mall and do some accessorizing! Currently, my favorite place to find unique statement earrings is Anthropologie. While their pieces are more on the pricey side, they have frequent sales and their jewelry is really high quality, so it's often worth the investment. Here are some of my favorite pairs of earrings at Anthro now!

Available in Ivory and Navy, pair these tassel drop earrings with a pink or red dress for a sweet summer look! Wear them in the winter by accessorizing a black turtle neck sweater to create a Parisian-inspired outfit!

These fun rose-colored earrings remind me of jellyfish! They are perfect for a night by the beach.

A good pair of earrings for someone who constantly loses their keys. But actually, when I see these I think of a quirky art teacher with eclectic style, and I'm totally into it.

If Elle Woods went to Art Basel, she'd wear these.

Another good place to look for statement earrings is your grandmother's closet. Seriously, trends exist in a cycle. Statement earrings are a blast from the past, and nothing is cooler than wearing a piece of jewelry and being able to say "oh, it's vintage!" and then proceeding to flip your hair.

Whatever your summer style, there is room for statement earrings in your closet. Get in on the trend now, because in a couple of weeks you'll be seeing it everywhere you go!



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