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Travel: Copenhagen, Denmark

This past weekend, Shelby, Olivia, and I took a quick trip to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark!

Our first stop was Grød, a popular breakfast spot that only serves porridge! You can choose from their extensive menu, or you can even customize your own bowl of porridge with toppings like chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter!! I ordered the classic oat porridge with apples, caramel sauce, and almonds, and it was delicious! (They also have homemade ginger lemonade!)

Next we visited Nyhaven, the iconic colorful street that defines Copenhagen (at least on Instagram). I knew very little about Copenhagen before visiting, and I was under the impression that the entire city looked like this, so I was a little surprised to find that not to be the case. This beautiful street, occupied by restaurants and souvenir shops, was buzzing with tourists!

We took a quick boat tour around the city to see all the highlights, and then we went to have lunch at Paper Island, a giant artisan-style food court (essentially an indoor Smorgasburg). Paper Island is a foodie's heaven. They have every kind of cuisine you could imagine located inside of a funky warehouse. Just next door was the Copenhagen Contemporary, an art museum. On display was an interactive exhibit by Japanese artist Yoko Ono. Called the "Wish Tree Garden," visitors were invited to write a wish on a piece of paper and hang it on a tree!

Very wishful thinking...

Hans Christian Andersen was a famous author who lived in Copenhagen. He's best known for writing The Little Mermaid, and so the town created this mermaid statue in honor of his work! It has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen, and while we got to see it briefly on our boat tour, we went back the next day to get an even closer view!

We also took a stroll through this lovely colorful garden! The weather in Copenhagen was so perfect while we were there!!

My cousin Gabi is spending this semester studying in Copenhagen, so we got to catch up over drinks and burgers and Cock's and Cows!

Copenhagen was a gorgeous little town that made for a fun weekend getaway! I have very little time left abroad, so next weekend I'll be traveling to Switzerland for my final vacation!



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