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Class Recap: Entrepreneurship & Luxury Brand Management

My semester at the London College of Fashion is very quickly coming to an end, which means (among other things) it's final's week!

A lot of my non-fashion friends often ask me what it means to "study fashion." To clarify, no, I do not spend all day shopping in stores and online (although I do spend more time on that than I'd like to admit...). Believe it or not, the fashion industry is quite diverse and incredibly demanding. There's a wide variety of professionals in the fashion industry, from lawyers and accounts to coding experts and graphic designers. Even I, someone who has been a part of this industry for years now, am constantly learning new things about the wonderful world of fashion. This semester, one of my courses was titled "Entrepreneurship and Luxury Brand Management." I figured this would be an ideal course for someone like myself, who is primarily interested in the luxury sector of the fashion industry. Over the past 10 weeks, our tutor (the British word for "professor"... so posh, right?) led us through the ins and outs of starting and managing a new fashion label. While the course was far more focused on "Entrepreneurship" than on "Luxury Brand Management," it provided us with a clear understanding of the immense responsibilities that come along with launching a company.

Our final project was a culmination of bits and pieces of work we had been doing over the past few weeks that allowed us to create own original fashion brand concept. My teammates, Tiffany and Shelby, and I created a luxury lingerie and loungewear brand called "Rainy Days London." Inspired by the coziness and comfort that comes along with a typical rainy day, we initially sought to create a line of lingerie that was easy to wear, stylish, and affordable. We were hoping that with our brand, we could combat the overly sexualized portrayal of lingerie promoted by brands like Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur. Through the process of developing our brand, we discovered just how expensive it is to launch a start up; the pricing for some of our garments came out to upwards of £1,000! So, unfortunately we couldn't achieve our dream of making affordable lingerie, but if we were to actually manufacture our products, they would certainly be luxurious!

In this class, we went through every motion of starting up a fashion brand aside from physically making the clothing. We designed garments, sourced fabrics, created brick & mortar concepts, developed a marketing plan, and even chose a studio location! Of all the work I did this semester, I would say this was my most demanding and rewarding project. It also helped me step outside of my comfort zone because, in addition to crunching numbers and handling logistics, it required some creative work as well! .

For our final project, each team member was required to submit an individual business plan for the company! You can check out mine below!



Our lovely logo, designed by Tiffany.

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