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Class Recap: Fashion Public Relations

I have virtually no experience in Public Relations, so for my final elective class I thought it might be interesting to step out of my comfort zone and take Fashion PR. I expected this class to be heavily focused on social media, because it has become such an important marketing platform in the fashion industry. Instead, this class was all about traditional PR, which means we learned about how to develop relationships with clients, how to craft exciting product launch events, and how to write press releases. Public speaking and presenting was also a large component of this class, so I enjoyed it way more than I could have expected! One of my favorite projects we did was to develop a line of accessories based on a fashion icon. I created BOUVIER, a footwear collection based on the style and legacy of former first lady Jackie Kennedy. You can check out my project below!

For our final project, we were given the task of taking an already existing brand and developing for them a new product line. Additionally, we had to identify potential marketing partners and develop a launch event that revolved around a competition. I am a huge fan of Fitbit, so I thought it would be fun to take their activity tracking technology and implement it in a fitness sneaker. The launch would consist of a partnership between Fitbit, Equinox, and Dick's Sporting Goods, and it would invite Fitbit clients to participate in an all-day olympic-style sports competition. The full details are bellow in my deck and press release. Overall, I loved this class; I don't plan to pursue a career in PR (it's an especially competitive and strenuous path in the fashion industry) so I enjoyed getting a taste of what this field is all about!



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