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London Fashion Week

One of the biggest best parts of being a fashion student in London is, of course, getting to experience Fashion Week! While most of the high profile shows are basically impossible to attend if you're not in the fashion industry, I was able to attend three events this past week: the Pure London Trade Show, the Burberry Maker's House exhibition, and the Joshua Kane A/W 17/18 Runway Show.

Pure London is a massive event held twice a year where small fashion brands can display their upcoming collections. Buyers will attend this event in order to purchase garments to be sold in their stores, but it is also an important event for all fashionistas because it's a great place to view upcoming trends! As part of the event, they held two runway shows to display outfits from emerging designers. There were also talks about using customer data to make smarter decisions and maximizing the effectiveness of online platforms. I loved Pure London because I found a lot of the garments being shown there to be far more interesting than what you might see in Zara or Topshop. The pieces were creative, often eccentric, and beautifully constructed.

Another highlight of Fashion Week was attending the Burberry Maker's House exhibition. The morning after Burberry's A/W 17/18 runway show, they moved all of the looks into a minimally decorated warehouse and created a massive exhibit to demonstrate the inspiration behind this season's collection. The looks were inspired by the artist Henry Moore and his abstract sculptures, and a few of these works were on display as well! Additionally, one of the rooms was filled with different capes, an iconic part of Burberry's brand, from past seasons. I loved this exhibit because seeing the garments up close and in person allowed me to really appreciate Christopher Bailey's design genius.

And of course, no fashion week is complete without attending a runway show! One of my professors scored us tickets to the Joshua Kane runway show at the London Palladium. This is more of a theater-style venue, so it was a unique place to see a runway show! The collection, titled Journey, was heavily inspired by menswear suit looks, but also featured womenswear as well!



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