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Eats: Sketch

One of the staples of life in London is tea time. I'll admit, I'm a coffee lover for life, but once in a while, I'm willing to trade my Skinny Mocha for a cup of tea. Today, I did just that at the world-famous Sketch in London! If you've been on Instagram within the last year, you've probably heard of Sketch. You might not know this place by name, but you've definitely seen pictures of their iconic disco-style ceilings and egg-shaped bathrooms.

Beyond the eclectic bathroom lies an unbelievably adorable restaurant where locals and tourists come together to enjoy one of the best afternoon teas this city has to offer. Today, I went to Sketch with my friends Alex and Jessa, and we had a ball sipping tea, snacking on sandwiches, and indulging on delicious desserts! We were so lucky to get a reservation in the Gallery, a room that's so beautiful and carefully decorated it is hard to describe in words alone. Imagine walking on to the set of a Wes Anderson movie that takes place in a fancy 1950s eatery while wearing rose-colored sunglasses. Can you kind of get the feel? It's even more magical in person.

But let's get down to the important stuff: the tea and the food! While Sketch has gained internet notoriety for interior design, its food & tea actually make it worth the hefty price tag. We started our meal with a tasty cup of tea. Sketch's tea menu boasts more than 10 unique options, but I went for a classic English Breakfast tea and was not disappointed. The tableware, as well as the whimsical artwork along the walls is designed by artist David Shrigley.

The way Sketch works is you pay a single price, depending on whether you want to drink tea, alcoholic juices, or champagne. Then, you get your drink, and you get this beautiful tray of finger sandwiches, sweet desserts, and flaky scones. The food is unlimited, so you can literally eat as much as your body can handle (which definitely allows you to get your money's worth).

On the top tier of the tray is a fruity and creamy gelatin dessert and a marshmallow rope that basically tastes just like a peep.

On the middle tier are three delectable desserts (from left to right): a vanilla and lemon Battenberg cake, a pineapple tart, and a chocolate and caramel gâteau (this one was my absolute favorite).

On the bottom tier are the five sandwich selections: a chicken sandwich with a bit of curry spice, smoked salmon with tarragon cream, tomato chutney and turnip on pumpernickel bread, black truffle monsieur (the BEST sandwich), and egg and mayonnaise, quail egg, and caviar.

We loved the salmon and the truffle sandwiches so much that we ordered a second serving. I didn't get to capture a picture of the scones, but they honestly stole the show. They were so warm and flaky and perfect. Even our waitress couldn't stop raving about them.

The crazy thing about the food was that even though it comes in tiny sizes, you fill up SO fast (I seriously recommend coming to Sketch on a completely empty stomach, it's the only way to really enjoy the food and drinks.)

Sketch completely lived up to the hype. Every part of the experience felt fun, fancy, and indulgent! If it were up to me, I'd stop by this joint for a snack every week. But since it's up to my wallet, I will hopefully try to visit only once more before leaving London! If you are planning on visiting Sketch in the near future, be sure to book ahead online! And, if you've visited another darling tea spot in London, please send me recommendations!!



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