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Eats: Lights of Soho

Lights of Soho is a trendy cafe and bar in Soho, about a five minute walk from Piccadilly Circus. Known for its fantastic light displays and all around cool vibe, this bar has become a favorite spot for instagramers, lovers of art, and appreciators of good drinks. Right now, Lights of Soho is featuring street artist Anna Laurini, whose "Profiles" can be spotted on the walls and doors of buildings all across London. She modified her street pieces by putting them on canvases and adorning them with neon lights.

At 6PM, this cool cafe transforms into a "members only" and stays open until midnight.

Anna Laurini, the featured artist, was actually at the bar while we were there! According to the staff, she hangs there almost every evening to admire the space and meet with fans of her work.

While the Lights of Soho may be overexposed on social media, the bar itself is definitely not overrated. It is an intimate spot to grab a quick, relaxing drink and appreciate eclectic works of art. Anna Laurini's collection is only on display until March 11th, so if you're in the area, be sure to stop by soon! And those not in London can follow her work on Instagram!



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