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Eats: Duck and Waffle

There are a few must-visit restaurants in London, and Duck & Waffle is one of them! Located on the 40th floor of a skyscraper in London's financial district, this 24-hour restaurant is one of the most difficult places to get a reservation in the city (and for a good reason). It has views of London that rival those of London Eye and a menu of delectable and unique food and drinks! My friend, Shelby, was able to get a reservation for 7:45 AM this past Sunday morning after a last minute cancellation, so along with our friends Olivia and Tiffany, we dragged ourselves out of bed and down to Liverpool Street Station station at the crack of dawn to experience the hype of Duck & Waffle for ourselves.

While 7:45 AM sounds dreadfully early (even for me) for a Sunday morning brunch, it actually turned out to be the optimal time to dine at Duck & Waffle because the sun was rising right as we were enjoying our coffees. I've heard sunset is also a great time to go for the same reason: the dynamic colors of the sky contrasting over the grey city of London make for a truly magnificent sight! We were lucky to have a particularly clear morning, because they're quite rare here! The restaurant is a small, intimate space, and its walls are all windows, so you get a 360° view of London!

Peep everyone behind us rushing to the window to grab a pic of the sunrise.

One of my (less important) goals for my time abroad is to find the best mocha in the world (or at least in Western Europe). This one at Duck & Waffle certainly deserves a place toward the top of the list. It was had the right balance of chocolate and coffee!

Duck & Waffle's claim to fame (aside from their location) is their namesake dish: the Duck & Waffle, which is a crispy duck leg confit, fried duck egg, and mustard maple syrup on a warm waffle! Shelby ordered this adventurous dish, and I had a little taste (it was surprisingly good!) For my meal, I stuck with simple Colombian Eggs with toast and avocado and a side of hash browns!

Outside of the main dining area is a trendy bar, lavishly decorated with crystal chandeliers and colorful street-style artwork. It was quite empty so early in the morning, but I imagine it must be a fun place to grab a drink in the evening!

I loved dining at Duck & Waffle! It's one of those things that you would only do once, but you just have to try it! Be sure to book far in advanced, because it's not so easy to get a reservation at the last minute! This is a perfect place to go with friends & family for a celebratory meal, or just for a fun drink!



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