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Next Stop: London

The best way to start a new year is with a new adventure. Last year, that meant embarking on a trip to India. This time around, I’ll be kicking off the new year by traveling to London, where I’ll be living for the next few months during my semester abroad! I will be studying at the London College of Fashion, where I will finally have the chance to be a full-fledged fashion student! I’ve been wanting to study abroad before I even knew where I was going to college, and while Paris was initially my dream destination, foreign languages have never been my forte, so London seemed like a much more practical choice.

I was last in London in the summer of 2013, and in my four days there, I did a whirlwind of tourist activities, from riding the London Eye to visiting Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. And while I can almost guarantee I’ll make my way to those places again, I’m excited to actually live in and get to know a new city. I’ve never had an opportunity quite like this before (living in a foreign country, sort of on my own), so it will surely be a great learning experience. And while I cannot wait to explore my new surroundings, I’m studying abroad first and foremost as a student. At the London College of Fashion, I am taking a lot of classes. I’m not exactly sure why, but Cornell has certain standards for its abroad students, and in order for my semester in London to *count* I need to take enough credits. So, for that reason, I am taking …

Fashion History and Artefact

British Cultural Studies

Theoretical and Contemporary Fashion Studies

Buying and Product Development

Garment Technology and Ethics

Fashion Entrepreneurship

Luxury Brand Management


Social Media and Online Communication

In addition to calling London my home base, I hope to travel around Europe on the weekends and visit some familiar and new destinations! I’ll definitely visit Paris more than once because it is so close, but I also want to travel to Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, and more (I’m being a little ambitious but I’m going to try my best to hit some of these spots!)

Given the current state of our country, now seems like a good time to say “cheers” and head east! I’ll be documenting my adventures on this blog, as well as on my new travel blog, Sloane Street, which is run through Cornell University’s Abroad Journalist program! And, of course, you can follow my Instagram for constant travel updates.

Friends who are familiar with London and Europe: please send me travel, dining, nightlife, shopping, etc. recommendations!! I’m hoping to make the most out of my time abroad, so all tips and recommendations are much appreciated!

Xx, S

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