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Eats: The Butcher's Daughter

So Chloe and I have been dying to try out The Butcher's Daughter, a vegetarian staple of NYC, for like... ever. We were in the area yesterday so we finally decided to stop by and grab a bite at the West Village location (they also have a location in Nolita)! This restaurant has gained some notoriety on Instagram for its incredibly photogenic dishes and adorable decor, and in person, it did not disappoint! The setting itself very much reminded me of Jack's Wife Freida (very NYC, very trendy). Since this location is so small, they conveniently placed a coat rack at the front entrance, which was of course crowded with black Canada Goose parkas (in my defense, and in the defense of the patrons of the restaurant, it was a very cold day... but there's something a bit troubling about a vegetarian/vegan restaurant occupied by coyote-fur wearers, no?) Once Chloe and I squeezed into our tight table, we were thrilled to sip on mint water and peruse the eclectic menu, which features typical American dishes (sandwiches, breakfast foods, and salads) with a "healthy" twist.

Chloe ordered a staple item from the menu: a sesame quinoa bowl, including broccoli, edamame, sesame seeds, vegan chicken (we are still unsure what vegan chicken is tbh, but it was good so we're fine). I ordered the Butcher's Quesadilla (the Tuesday special!), which was a gluten-free tortilla wrap stuffed with baby spinach, avocado, vegan mozzarella (again, cheese without dairy, not sure how this works), other assorted veggies, and pesto dipping sauce. As someone who has never really pursued a vegetarian lifestyle, I honestly loved my meal. The Butcher's Daughter makes healthy eating accessible and fun! I definitely plan on going back soon to try another one of their yummy dishes (next time I'm thinking I'll order vegan mac-n-cheese because I'm just so curious what this tastes like!!)

Xx, S

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