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Looks: What Did I Miss?

Wow. It's been a while.... I know, I know, I haven't posted since June, and I do feel terrible about it. Life has been pretty busy. My summer internship at CHANEL was everything I hoped it would be (and more)! But, working from 9-5 every day is quite an adjustment, and if you throw in commuting (yes, the NJ Transit is just as glamorous as you think it is), you have a recipe for a summer filled with hard work and little sleep. I'd tagline this summer as "Sloane Runs on Starbucks."

A quick & cute summary of my summer: I worked on the Digital Marketing and CRM Strategy teams for the Fashion division of CHANEL, Inc. Most days were spent patrolling our online platforms for glitches & errors, investigating third-party retail channels, writing copy for internal publications, and soaking up the fabulousness of working at (freakin!) CHANEL! I'll admit it, I swooned every morning as I walked into the Solow Building on 5th Ave, sweet cream cold brew and Tory Burch tote in hand. Perhaps the most glamorous part of the whole summer (aside from the day Rachel Zoe was in the office) was when I discovered that the chairs on the lounge floor were made of CHANEL tweed. I mean, come on, how glam is that? I sat on tweed that's fancier than my whole wardrobe. I also spent the summer putting together a presentation on marketing strategies targeted at millennials, which I got to present on my last day at work!

Working at CHANEL was how I imagine a child would feel if he woke up every morning in Disney World (not Disneyland, that place is far less dreamy). When the summer did come to an end, I was so sad to leave my new friends, my working gal lifestyle, my daily Juice Press, and my most favorite city. But, Ithaca calls.

I'm now almost halfway through my fifth semester at Cornell. Pretty unbelievable, considering I'm still meeting new people and learning new things every day on this campus. For the first time since I've started, I'm taking a course load filled entirely with classes I am TOTALLY excited about (AKA I finally got all my science requirements out of the way!).

~~This Semester's Courses~~

Law of the Internet & E-Commerce: by far my most relevant course. I enrolled in this class as a result of the Sloane-Gets-Sued Debacle of Fall 2014 (OG Champagne Glitter followers will recall this). As a way to protect myself from ever getting pseudo-sued again, I figured I'd channel my inner Elle Woods and brush up on my lawyerly skills. TBH I'm pretty obsessed with this course. I get my first exam back tomorrow so that may change, but WOW law is really so interesting. I've thoroughly enjoyed exploring past cases and discussing how they can be applied to the confusing realm that is the Internet. Additionally, taking my new law knowledge and applying it to common occurrences in fashion (for example, knockoffs) has been eye-opening. Is there a JD in store for my future? Probably not, but hey, if Elle can do it, so can I!

Consumer Behavior: this class is so much more exciting than I anticipated. Essentially, it covers the psychology behind shopping & buying. It explores why people buy certain products, the role that branding plays in purchase decisions, and how people satisfy their inner needs that they aren't even fully aware of. I like this class because it's teaching me a lot about myself and my own shopping behaviors. Perhaps my favorite thing about this class is learning about all the crazy psychological studies that researchers conduct and seeing the results.

Intro to Finance: the title pretty much says it all, but I still am quite surprised at how much I'm enjoying this course. For one, the professor is hilarious. He's clearly too qualified to be teaching an intro level finance class, and he isn't embarrassed to admit it. Even so, he manages to make what many find a mundane subject truly enthralling. Each day when I leave lecture, I immediately call my father to discuss what I learned that day and how it applies to my own personal finances. Someone save me a seat at Goldman Sachs!! I'm on my way...

Culture, Leadership, and Change: this course, housed in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, has a bit of a misleading title, at least in my opinion. It is mostly focused on the culture that exists at Cornell, and specifically discusses drinking behaviors, sexual assault, social norms, and other commonly studied phenomena at universities. The course is centered around the idea of "pluralistic ignorance," which occurs when people perceive a norm in a way that is drastically different from its reality. So, for example, people perceive college students to have out-of-control drinking habits, when in reality (as of 2009) 77% of Cornell students do not binge drink. I like this class because as a leader of a student organization, I think it's important to understand the trends that are shaping behaviors on campus. I'm also fascinated by the many sub-groups and organizations that exist at Cornell and the varying social norms that are found within those!

Additionally, I am a teaching assistant for a course I took as a freshman called Art, Design, & Visual Thinking. This was one of my favorite courses freshman year, and it discusses the elements of design and aesthetics, as well as provides an overview of art and fashion history. I have loved being able to take the course again!

This past weekend, I managed to escape from Ithaca so my brother and I could surprise my parents and come home for Rosh Hashanah. They were so delighted to have us home for the holiday (or at least that's what they told me...) and I was so delighted not only to see them but also to reunite with my home wardrobe. My lovely home clothes are the prized pieces I keep hidden from the harsh weather of upstate New York, and since going to college, I rarely get to spend time in these key pieces. But, being home and forgetting to pack anything other than a t-shirt for a two day visit made for the perfect excuse to put together some of my favorite pieces!

It's not every day you get to skip around the Upper West Side in over-the-knee boots and faux fur (ugh I miss home so much already!!!). For this perfect fall day, I put together an outfit that makes me think of fire places, pumpkin spice lattes, leaves, and crisp air. This is the outfit I want to wear for the entire season of fall...I hate that I only get to wear it for a single day!

My simple three-quarter sleeve blouse is from Ann Taylor (similar) and I like it because the crepe-style fabric adds a little more detail than a plain white long-sleeve would. Plus, it's lightweight, making it great for the spring and summer as well! I would live in this blouse if I could (forever wishing I could be a cartoon character with just one outfit... life would be so easy!)

My suede skirt is from last season's Brandy Melville collection (similar). I honestly can't believe I'm still shopping at Brandy Melville all these years later, but each season, I'm drawn in to the allure of inexpensive relatively stylish clothing. They do a great job of making basic pieces at a reasonable price. Seventies-inspired suede was BIG last season, but we haven't seen the last of this trend! Designers like Valentino and Isabel Marant are still showing brown suede, so I'm willing to bet that it will make a reappearance as stores begin to stock their late fall collections. Either way, I'm not ready to give it up yet. It's so easy to mix & match!

My faux fur (I want to say it again, FAUX fur) coat from Zara (similar) made its premiere at Fashion Week in February 2015. Since then, I haven't had many excuses to wear it unfortunately. The season for coats like this is so short-lived on the east coast, and it's not easy to find a reason to wear something so over-the-top. But, it is without a doubt the comfiest piece in my wardrobe. And the gorgeous caramel color of the faux fur is stunning. I did a lot of millennial research this summer at CHANEL, and the consensus among our generation is that fur is "out" and associated with "old people." I will continue to wear faux fur and challenge that notion because I think it is glamorous and ridiculous, and those are two of my favorite adjectives. Sorry, millennial friends, but perhaps this is why I am a fashion major?

My (first and) favorite Furla bag lives at home in my closet, so I was excited to incorporate it into this outfit for the day. When is a bring pink PVC bag not appropriate? I love this Italian work of art because it always fits everything I need, but it isn't too large that it feels like a hassle. Additionally, I bought it while traveling in Italy with my family, so it's always associated with good memories of a lovely vacation.

The star of this look is, of course, my prized Tory Burch Fall 2015 Runway Collection over-the-knee Tarulli Boots. These beauties never cease to amaze me. I could write essays about the artistry of these boots, but instead I have to write essays about college culture and consumer psychology, so I'll keep it brief. Over-the-knee boots are amazing. Life-changing. Describe them however you'd like, but they are the perfect accessory to any outfit. I feel like such an equestrian when I wear these, and that is pretty much the closest I'll ever get to being athletic.

My vacation home was brief, but it was wonderful to spend the holiday with my family! Shana Tova to all my friends & family who celebrate!



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