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Eats: Jue Lan Club, Southampton

What better way to welcome in the summer than with a quick trip to the Hamptons? Chloe and I took a vacation this Memorial Day Weekend to Amagansett, and while there, we explored everything the Hamptons have to offer. We began our vacation by attending the opening of a new restaurant in Southampton: Jue Lan Club (pronounced "U LAHN"). Originally located in the Flatiron District in NYC, Jue Lan Club gained popularity for its uniquely upscale atmosphere and its Chinese-inspired menu. The team behind Jue Lan has now brought their talents to the Hamptons!

The decor of Jue Lan Club is very Jonathan Adler-inspired, featuring simple white furniture and teal and grey patterned pillows. On the walls are large images of Andy Warhol, Joan Jett, Mick Jagger, and other edgy pop culture icons.

A waiter at Jue Lan Club told Chloe and I that one of their chefs who designed the menu hails from Buddakan, a popular Chinese restaurant in NYC. His influence was definitely noticeable on the menu, which features classic noodle and rice dishes, spring rolls, and dumplings. A lot of the menu options are spiced up with seafood, such as lobster and shrimp! Chloe and I decided to split an order of lobster fried rice and, on the chef's recommendation, chicken lettuce wraps.

Both meals were delicious! The lettuce wraps made for the perfect appetizer (although considering how messy they are, we would not recommend eating these on a first date!!). Mixed in with the chicken was a whole variety of vegetables, including peppers, onion, and zucchini, which made for a tasty flavor! The lobster fried rice was unbelievable! You can tell from its taste and texture that the lobster is very fresh, and the rice was seasoned to add more flavor. Perhaps my favorite part of dining at Jue Lan was that they serve Voss sparkling water (which I happened to have been craving ALL day!!)

Our meal at Jue Lan was a 10/10, and I'll definitely be stopping by the NYC location soon to see how it compares! If you'd like to check out Jue Lan in both NYC and Southampton, you can use OpenTable to make a reservation!



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