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Eats: The Doughnut Project

Nestled deep within the West Village is a new spot to satisfy your doughy cravings: The Doughnut Project. At just four months old, The Doughnut Project is already making a splash in the New York foodie scene, but unlike your typical doughnut shop, TDP's creations are far more than sugary sweet indulgences. Founders and chefs Leslie and Troy incorporate a wide variety of sophisticated flavor combinations to create their unique doughnuts. Some of TDP's flavors include The Bronx (olive oil and black pepper), The Bulletproof Tiger (pineapple and habanero), and Those Beetz are Dope (beets and ricotta). There is also a bacon doughnut on the menu.

In a city with a dessert shop on every corner, TDP is a much-welcomed deviation from the norm. Their small shop features photos of American icons like Audrey Hepburn and artistically spray-painted walls, creating a contrasting ambiance of old and new, retro and modern.

Lesile and Troy told me that building TDP took about 2 years of intense planning and preparation. Now that they are open for business, they are ready to rebel against the norm of sweet dessert doughnuts and provide New Yorkers with an eccentric alternative!

Something interesting to note is that while each of TDP's doughnuts is beautiful and bright, zero food coloring is used. Additionally, Leslie and Troy use ingredients solely from local vendors.

As excited as I was to see some unexpected flavors on TDP's menu, I had to follow my sweet tooth and order The Costanza (salted caramel with buttered pretzel). I usually pass on doughnuts because the fried dough is a bit too heavy for me, but this doughnut is unlike anything I've tried before. It is fluffy, flavorful, rich, and delicious. The ingredients taste so real and so fresh, and the frosting is just the right consistency. I love mixing salty and sweet, so I knew this particular flavor would go over well with my taste buds.

The Doughnut Plant really blew me out of the water. It is effortlessly cool in a city full of "try-hard" dessert shops. Its diverse menu has something for everyone, and it makes a dessert that has been around for decades feel fresh and new! The Doughnut Project is absolutely my new favorite doughnut shop! (Sorry Doughnut Plant, but there's only room for one TDP in my heart.)



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