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Travel: India Day 2, Hyderabad

I'm really confused right now because it's January 3rd where I am but January 2nd at home and I still feel like it's January 1st because I haven't slept yet. That made sense, right? So first impressions of India: It's way more Americanized that I had anticipated. I've really only seen the Delhi airport and Hyderabad so far, but they have McDonald's here, they have Starbucks here. All the signs are in English. I was expecting a total culture shock, and even though I know I'm in India, I feel like I could be in West Palm Beach. Everyone here is SO nice. We were greeted with so many smiles when we checked into our first hotel, The Marigold Hotel. They offered us beverages, and a nice woman painted bindis on our foreheads. I feel so worldly. Or like a Cheetah Girl. Either way, I'm happy.

I wish I took a picture of the plate of food I had for dinner, but to be completely honest I have no idea what was on the plate. One of my goals for this trip is to step out of my comfort zone with food, so tonight I tried lamb, curry coated cottage cheese, something called "yum" (it lived up to its name), and white beans in a spicy sauce. I'm fortunate that I love spicy food because that seems to be a staple of the cuisine here in India. Also, the naan is delicious. you can never go wrong with naan. This hotel is actually stunning. I took some pictures of the room, although the pics don't do it justice.

They also provided us with bottled water (a must in India), which was so generous!

Tomorrow, the trip actually begins! I just took a look at the itinerary, and it seems like we'll be doing a lot of orientation things, but I'm just so excited to really see India!! Xo!



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