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Travel: India Day 14, Ooty

Ooty is a region in india known for its many tea factories, and today we had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and experience the making of one of India's most popular beverages. We visited the Glendale Tea Factory. Unfortunately for me, the smell and taste of tea makes me nauseous, so It wasn't exactly my favorite visit of the trip. But, it was still interesting to see how tea transforms from leaves in massive fields to tiny tea bags brewing in our mugs!

After the visit, we had lunch in a giant open field in the middle of nowhere. It was so warm and beautiful; I felt like I was back in the Italian countryside. We also did some impromptu yoga following lunch, which was led by one of our professors!

Then, we headed to Coonoor, a large town that is quite close to the tea factory. In Coonoor, they have what is called a "Toy Train" that transports riders from the town to Ooty in a little over an hour. We had about an hour before our train ride, so we explored the markets of Coonoor, a place filled with contrasts of bright colors and copious amounts of garbage.

We boarded our train to Ooty and enjoyed the incredible scenic views South India has to offer. It’s a sight that is difficult to describe in words alone, and even photos don’t really do it justice, but it is so breathtaking. If you’re planning to visit India any time soon, I highly recommend Ooty because even though it is a bit out of the way, the incredible landscapes painted with bright pastel shades and miles of lush green fields make it worth it.

Upon returning to Ooty, I’m now relaxing in the hotel and preparing for tomorrow: our official last full day in India. This trip has flown by much too quickly, and I wish I could spend more time in this country! Fortunately, now that I’ve overcome the 15 hour plane flight to India, I do believe I can really travel anywhere (but I will have to see how I really feel after the 19 hour plane flight home!). I hope I’ll be able to return to India very soon, but for now, I’m going to appreciate the little time I have left here!



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