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Travel: India Day 1, Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean

The journey has begun! I'm currently writing this from 32,000 feet in the air as I approach hour five of my 14-hour flight to India. Flying isn't hard, like I'm totally fine with all the turbulence, but it's the waiting that bothers me because I get REALLY BORED. Up to this point, I've occupied myself by typing emails I should have sent days ago, reading a third of Amy Poehler's hilariously honest memoir, Yes Please (I have on multiple occasions laughed out loud to myself while reading this book. Sorry to the people sitting around me, I swear I'm not crazy), and watching Kate Blanchett's hauntingly dazzling performance in Blue Jasmine (side note: I highly recommend this movie. I've been putting off watching it for about a year now, but my brother has recommended it to me a number of times and since it was one of five movie options on the plane, I figured it was kismet! Kate's character, Jasmine, has the wardrobe I dream of, which was my brother's main convincing point in explaining the movie to me. But Blue Jasmine is so much deeper than the glitzy Manhattan lifestyle it portrays. It digs into mental health, denial, and broken dreams. It's upsetting and unsettling, while still extremely fulfilling, but what else would you expect from a Woody Allen picture? Okay, enough for my side commentary). I've now resorted to brooding as I listen to Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence and throw back a couple of children's dramamene. I've got a long flight ahead of me, but fortunately I still have about 200 pages of Amy Poehler and hopefully a downloaded copy of Les Miserable loaded on my iPad.

Surely, more to come. Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their new year!




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