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Looks: Indian Mirrorwork

Next week, I'm traveling to India for about three weeks. While in India, I'll be touring apparel factories, visiting dye plants, and learning all about the country's domestic and international fashion industry. I'm really excited for this trip, as it will be my first visit to Asia. I can't wait to experience the culture and beauty of India! In preparation for my trip, I took a course this past semester called "Apparel and Textiles in Developing Nations," and as part of this course, we examined different design techniques from various regions of India. For my project, I studied Shisha Mirror Embroidery, which originated in an Indian village called Kutch.

I analyzed this children's tunic, which was made in 1936. Each mirror was hand sewn onto the garment, and it was believed that adding mirrors on to apparel would ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from harm.

The reason I initially chose to analyze this tunic was because it reminded me of a dress I had purchased this past summer. I was interested to learn more about Indian fashion design while relating the traditional craft techniques to modern fashion.

This Chambray Mirror dress is from Tory Burch's Summer 2015 collection. I purchased it this summer after seeing an article about Malia Obama wearing it on vacation in Italy! At the time when I purchased it, I had no idea it was inspired by India, but considering Tory often cites her travels as the source for her bohemian chic style, I'm not at all surprised!

I'm hoping I have a chance to wear this dress while I am in India! It's so simple and lightweight, making it the perfect dress for any warm-weather vacation!

I can't wait to travel to India, and I'm hoping I'll be able to share my travels with you as I go (fingers crossed that India has a lot of wifi!!!!). For the most up-to-date details of my trip, follow my instagram (@sloaneapples) and twitter (@cglitterblog).

Hope everyone has a very merry christmas & a wonderful new year.



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