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Eats: Jack's Wife Freda

Every time the two of us are together, we like to try a new restaurant! Brunch is our absolute favorite meal, so we take our brunch spots VERY seriously. A trip to Jack's Wife Freda, a Soho staple, was long overdue, but we were thrilled to finally make it to this comfy bistro that boasts its "South African Israeli Jewish Grandmother Cuisine."

JWF is one of the few places in the city that serves brunch all week long (yes, some of us like to brunch on days other than Sunday!!) Even on a Monday afternoon, we still found ourselves waiting about a half hour for a spot at the communal-seating style tables. But, the wait was well worth it!

Sloane: For our meal, we both ordered the Green Shakshuka. Shakshuka is a popular Israeli dish, which typically includes poached eggs, tomato sauce, chilli peppers, and cumen. JWF's version of this meal replaces red tomato sauce with a sauce made from leafy greens. It was both my and Chloe's first time trying this dish, and we LOVED it. I am really into anything spicy, and this dish incorporated the perfect amount of spice and flavor. The side of challah toast was a delicious addition to this yummy meal!

Chloe: I tend to be quite the predictable eater, especially when it comes to brunch! Omelets, french toast, and fruit parfaits are my staples, but when Sloane pointed out the Shakshuka at the next table over, I had to try it. This green-egg concoction looked as if it was straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, and tasted just as unique as it appears. Although I usually lean towards more savory options, this choice was the perfect blend of both breakfast and lunch, exactly what I had been craving. I paired this meal with a latte (another staple), which came with the cutest sugar packets I’ve ever seen! Loved this place to pieces and I can say without a doubt that Sloane and I will be back very soon!

JWF is a great little brunch place if you're looking for a small and savory meal. The only detractors of this restaurant is that you can't make a brunch reservation, so there is almost always a wait, even with two locations in the city (the other location is in the West Village). You can, however, make a reservation for other hours via OpenTable! The service was fair and the atmosphere was a little less relaxed than the places at which we typically dine, but overall, the food was delicious and fun!


-Sloane & Chloe

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