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Shopping for LBDs

I've come to consider myself a "serial shopper." It's actually a problem... like I visit Bergdorf's more than I visit Blackboard (but I'm a fashion major so shopping is basically homework, right?!). Right now, I'm in the market for a new black dress for an INSANELY INCREDIBLE AND AMAZING and somewhat secret event coming up very soon. I WISH I could share with the world what this event is, but regardless, the pressure is ON to find the most perfect LBD possible. So with the help of my fantastic mother (and go-to fashion stylist) I've complied a few pretty stunning wardrobe options. Ultimately, the dress I choose will be revealed this December, but for now, here are my FAVORITE classic LBDs of the season...

I'm so glad Ted Baker is finally making its way across the pond to America, because their collections are consistently stunning. This Eleese Mesh Detail Skater Dress is kinda incredible. I'm just so in love with the contrast of simple and edgy. Yeah, I'm definitely obsessed with this dress. What's holding me back from totally committing to it is that for this particular event, I'm trying to wear a dress that isn't sleeveless, but I feel like this dress is conservative enough that I could get away with wearing it.

Here's another fabulous number from Ted Baker, the Vivace Lace Panel Fit & Flare Dress. I don't love this one quite as much as the Eleese dress, however it fits the requirement of having sleeves, which is a definite plus. Also, I'm normally not into lace, but I love the pattern of this lace; it's so unique! And the shape of the middle panel is super sliming, which is always a good thing.

Okay, I'm throwing one more Ted Baker dress into the race. This Elnor Sheer-Stripe Burnout dress is classic, modern, and girly all in one. My mother purchased this dress for an event, and she generously offered to lend it to me, so I'll have to try it on and see how it fits, but I really love this dress. This picture doesn't do it justice at all, it's so gorgeous in person!

Alright, I'm done with Ted Baker, I promise! This fabulous Tulip-Skirt Split-Neck dress comes from Halston Heritage, which is low-key such an amazing label. I love how simple their designs are! Pros for this dress: the cute neckline and the very structured fit. This dress actually comes in a bunch of colors (is Halston trying to get into the bridesmaids market???) but black is obvi the go-to! I'm so into this dress; it's so chic.

I'm totally feeling this Alice + Olivia Frances Minidress. I love how it's dressy yet casual and almost a little sporty (so diverse!). Mesh is clearly having its moment this season, and I'm 100% in support of it. It's a fun way to add a little flair to a simple LBD. This dress is great because I know I could get a lot of wear out of it, even after this event, but I'm worried it might not be fancy enough for this particular occasion (also, I've only ordered it and haven't actually seen it in person so for all I know this dress could be completely awful...I'm hoping for the best).

Choosing between all these beauties is going to be extremely rough, but it's a challenge I have to accept. Which dress will I pick? Only time will tell!



(ps: thank you to my loyal readers for sticking around. sophomore year at Cornell is not a walk in the park, but I'm working on making more time for blogging!)

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