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Furla Crossbody: Welcome to the Family

It seems like most of my days off this summer have been spent shopping. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Today I made a purchase that I'm really excited about: a new Furla bag. It's public knowledge that I'm kinda (totally) obsessed with the Furla Candy Collection. From the moment I first saw that stunning pink Candy satchel in Rome, I've been hooked!

My first time at Furla in Rome a couple of years ago. For more, read my original post.

Since then, I've been addicted to Furla's amazing collection of PVC bags. Why? The main reason I love Furla Candy bags is their appearance. They're so different than the boring old leather bags that most designers produce. And don't get me wrong; I love good old classic leather. But I really love Furla because they take handbag designing to the next level. Another great thing about Furla Candy bags is that they are literally made of plastic. I never have to worry about getting caught in a rainstorm or spilling marinara sauce all over myself (yes, it's happened) because I can just take a towel and wipe my Candy bag clean. These Candy bags last so long because they don't go through the same wear-and-tear that delicate leather bags endure.

I currently own three Furla Candy Bags.

Large Candy Satchel in Pink

Furla Candy Crossbody in Grey

Furla Candy Crossbody in Blue

Today I added another beautiful accessory to my collection.

How adorable!?! This is the Furla Cartoon Crossbody. I'm so excited about this bag because it's my first Furla that isn't just a solid color. I knew I was looking for a yellow bag, and when I saw this one, I fell in love immediately. This bag also comes in light pink and red. It's the same size as my other Furla crossbodies, which just fits my iPhone, wallet, lipstick, mints, and car keys. It's a gorgeous statement piece and I can't wait to start wearing it. Take a closer look at some of the bag's details...

I just love the colors of this bag! It reminds me of pink lemonade. It's so perfect for the summer, and it will make a great pop of color in the winter.

As always, I'm thrilled about my new Furla and I'm already looking forward to my next one!



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