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Eats: A Summer Day at Smorgasburg

This past Sunday, my friend Sam and I went to NYC for a food adventure called Smorgasburg. Located in Brooklyn on Pier 5, this food city pops up every weekend to provide New Yorkers with a taste of all the cuisine this city has to offer! It was fun for us to venture to another borough, because we're a lot more familiar with Manhattan. But, as it turns out, Brooklyn is actually STUNNING.

The view of the Manhattan skyline was soooooo gorgeous. We roamed around Brooklyn for about 15 minutes before asking some locals and eventually following the crowd (and the smells of fried food) to Smorgasburg. Upon arrival, we were greeted by about 100 vendors and 1000 people. We made it to Smorgasburg around 2:30PM, and while the crowd was definitely substantial, the lines really were not bad at all. You could pretty much walk up to any vendor and order what you want. We first did a lap around the pier to scope out our options. We stumbled upon a few really enticing vendors:

ASIADOG: Asian-Inspired Hot Dogs. I was extremely curious, but upon considering that the hot dogs were most likely not Hebrew National, I decided to spend my calories elsewhere.

BIG MOZZ: Straight up Mozzarella Cheese. It's like they knew I was coming.

Bolivia Llama Party: Cool name; even cooler-looking fries.

Burma Noodle Bar: NOOOOODLESSSS. Noodles are always a good idea.

Dough: Big. Fat. Doughy. Goodness. Sam was eyeing these beauties.

Piece Of Velvet: All different kinds of "velvet" cakes; they get bonus points for giving out free samples

Red Hook Lobster Pound: Lobster is my faveeeee, and I was totally considering the lobster roll. Then I saw the price. For $18, I hope that lobster roll is dipped in gold.

The Good Batch: This is probably the most famous vendor at Smorgasburg. You've definitely seen their Ice Cream Sandwiches on your insta-feed, and if you haven't, you should follow some more foodie accounts.

So after our warm-up lap (as if it wasn't warm enough), we decided to get serious and start eating. We first went to Bolivian Llama Party where Sam ordered these insane fries, which were topped with parmesan and aioli.

They were so delicious! Bolivian Llama Party had a lot of really interesting choices on their menu and if I were hungrier, I probably would have tried one of their sliders. They also had a really cool vibe going on. There was music playing, people hanging out, and best of all, under their tent we were finally able to find some SHADE (ahhh glorious shade). Next we made our way to Big Mozz.

If I'm being honest, this place doesn't really deserve much credit. I ordered the "Mozz Pops" which were two balls of fresh mozzarella cheese served on wooden sticks with a side of pesto sauce. Unless the pesto sauce was some old family recipe that has been passed down for generations, the "chefs" at Big Mozz really don't do much. They literally put mozzarella balls on a stick. I could have done that. But, I will say, it was delicious. Mozzarella cheese is always delicious. It's a safe bet. Big Mozz doesn't really display any exciting creativity, but they had exactly what I was craving and it was definitely satisfying.

As Sam and I munched on our appetizers, we searched around for our next course. We came across a place called Sunday Gravy. I'm not sure how we missed this vendor the first time around, but as soon as I saw Mac N Cheese on the menu, I knew I had to get a closer look.

At first glance, this honestly looks like a fish fillet. Or maybe fried dough with sugar on top. But it's actually baked Mac N Cheese sprinkled with parmesan. This dish had my name written all over it.

It was delicious, cheesy, and satisfying. I wish I could eat this again and again.

After much deliberation, Sam decided to get a beautiful chocolate doughnut she had spotted earlier at Dough.

This doughnut puts Dunkin and Krispy Kreme to shame.

As the sun continued to beat down on us, we began to feel exhausted and overheated. Sam and I decided it was time to cool down at The Good Batch. Aside from Ramen Burger, The Good Batch was the only vendor with a real line. Sam and I waited for about 10 minutes, which gave us plenty of time to contemplate what we wanted to order. When we finally made it to the front of the line, we ordered two Goodwiches. A Goodwich is composed of sweet vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, sea salt and two oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies.

This was everything I had dreamt of and more. The cookies were insanely delicious, and even though at first I was upset about eating an oatmeal cookie, it was actually really crispy and full of flavor. The ice cream was, obviously, perfect. And the hot fudge really brought the whole dessert together. The sea salt was weird, but in a good way. It was definitely noticeable, but I really liked the flavor it added to the sandwich. Overall, this was the best thing I found at Smorgasburg, and I would totally eat it again.

Smorgasburg was a magical food wonderland. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of choices, and I plan on going back soon to try some new food! Next time, I'm going to venture out of my comfort zone a bit and try something a little more exciting, but I was definitely glad with the choices I made. Even though it was the hottest day of the year, Sam and I had a really fun time, and I would recommend checking it out this summer!

PS: Shout out to Sam for these AWESOME pics!!!



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