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Lately I've been so bored with my style, and I've begun searching for some new inspiration. I recently became very interested with art, especially the abstract expressionist movement, so why not use this as my new source for outfit inspiration?! Abstract expressionism is one of the more notable art movements that followed World War II. It is so memorable because it was the first American art movement that gained worldwide attention. Abstract expressionism is known for being very colorful, spontaneous, and surreal. Prior to abstract expressionism, many artists painted subjects, such as people, landscapes, or even fruit. Abstract expressionists did not focus on a specific subject, but instead sought to provoke emotions. They gave their art meaning through color and movement, and this made their style so revolutionary! Wassily Kandinsky is often thought of as the father of the abstract expressionist movement. Some other famous abstract expressionists include Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko. I've taken some of their masterpieces and turned them into outfits!

No. 61 by Mark Rothko

Joseph Viscose Basic V-Neck Tee

Hutch Skirt

Vintage Chanel Burgundy Lizard Single Flap Bag

Brian Atwood Sandals

No. 61, also called Rust and Blue, was painted by Rothko in 1953. This work was first displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, and it is currently exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Rothko often referred to a concept called the "inner light," which he aimed to convey through his paintings. This "inner light" gave off a brightness that created depth, an experience similar to staring deep into a fire. For Rothko, his ultimate goal was to bring this experience to the viewers of his paintings.

Red, Orange, Tan, and Purple by Mark Rothko

Joseph Cashair V-Neck Sweater

Moschino Casual Pants

Chloé Drew Medium Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Suede Flat

Here's another Rothko-Inspired look! This painting is similar to much of Rothko's work, which can be identified by their large patches of hazy color. Similar to No. 61, it does not have a central subject, but instead provokes the emotions of its audience.

Jackson Pollock

Milly Marina Striped Stretch-Cotton Bustier Top

Diane von Furstenberg Panel Skirt

Christian Louboutin Cataclou 140 Embellished Suede and Leather Wedge Sandals

Balenciaga Giant 12 Leather Bracelet with Studs

Carissima Bijoux Bracelet

Gold, Coral, and Rhinestone Bangle Bracelet Set

This fun look is inspired from one of Jackson Pollock's more colorful paintings. Pollock was known for his signature "action painting" style. Unlike traditional painters, Pollock did not use a brush. Instead, he dripped the paint directly on the canvas, creating a feeling of motion and chaos. He involved his whole body in his artistic process. I like this particular Pollock painting because it is so colorful. The bright colors stand out, yet also flow perfectly together! To me, this painting gives off a feeling of happiness and excitement!

Mahoning by Franz Kline

Toteme Luca Satin-Trimmed Silk Shirt

Saint Lauent Slit-Detailed Leather Pants

Aquazurra Christy Patent-Leather Point-Toe Flats

Jason Wu Hanne Printed Leather Shoulder Bag

This outfit is inspired by a famous work by Franz Kline. Kline's artwork was known for its lack of color. His black and white brush-stroke works are among his most notable. Although this painting only focuses on two colors, the white is just as important as the black. Kline used positive and negative space to create his abstract images, and they can have different meanings depending on whether you focus on the black or the white. Like his abstract expressionist counterparts, Kline's work did not have a central subject. It dealt heavily with psychology, which became increasingly popular following World War II.

Moscow I by Wassily Kandinsky

Mara Hoffman Printed Stretch-Jersey Maxi Dress

Tory Burch Metal-Temple Cat Eye Sunglasses

Balenciaga Papier A6 Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag

K Jacques St Tropez Zenobie Leather Sandals

Wassily Kandinsky is often remembered as the first abstract expressionist. This work is actually less abstract than most of Kandinsky's paintings, however I just adore the beautiful blend of colors. This painting depicts the city of Moscow in a very clustered and surreal manner. I love this specific work because I admire how Kandinsky utilized warm and cool colors to create a feeling of calmness amongst the excitement.

Art is a great source of style inspiration. I like to use art to help me develop new color palettes that work well together. While abstract expressionism is one of the more modern art movements, you can find inspiration in art from as far back as the Renaissance! I hope these tips help you create a few artistic outfits of your own!



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