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Every college student knows how incredibly important a laptop is. I went one day last semester without my beloved laptop, and it was definitely the most stressful day I had ever experienced. For me, my MacBook is my EVERYTHING. I use it to study, shop, blog, create, etc. Without it, I'd be lost! A device as important as this deserves to be well-protected, which is why when I went off to college, I invested in a Speck MacBook Pro See Thru Case. I've always been a pink person, but I actually chose to buy this case in Purple Haze because it matched the colors of my dorm room better (color coordination is a must!)

For a semester, I left my purple case alone. But then, I discovered Red Bubble, a site that sells fun laptop stickers (among many other things) for every possible TV show, band, or interest! What's so cool about Red Bubble is that all of the designs are created and purchased by people like you and me! So, if you're a talented and motivated graphic designer, you can submit your own artwork and actually make money from selling your designs!

I quickly discovered the wide variety of stickers available on this amazing site and began to decorate my own laptop...

I'm pretty happy with the final product. I tried to include all of my favorite things, because I think it's important that your laptop case is a reflection of your personality! I also attempted to keep a somewhat consistent color theme, and I generally stuck to soft colors, including pinks and purples! Let me walk you through my sticker choices...

1. Prison Mike: Michael Scott's alter ego, Prison Mike, was an obvious first choice. Not only is The Office my favorite show of all time, but also Mike's purple bandana coordinated perfectly with my purple case.

2. Pink and Purple Hamsa: I tried to avoid any stickers that would be perceived as "basic," but the hamsa has always been one of my favorite symbols in Judaism. I'm hoping it will protect my laptop from any evil spirits.

3. Neutral Milk Hotel: This is the only sticker that totally strays from my color scheme, but NMH is one of my favorite bands, and I just loved this sticker depicting the cover art of their album, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.

4. Lord Disick: A brooding Scott Disick wearing a crown emoji?! How could I possibly pass this one up?

5. Prada Marfa: This sticker was my sly attempt at sneaking a bit of Gossip Girl onto my laptop case without being too stereotypical. If you watch GG, you'll remember this Prada sign from Lily's apartment. Also, Prada is one of my favorite design houses!

6. Karl Lagerfeld: A true fashion icon. My laptop case would not be complete without his presence.

7. Louboutin Heel: So, I brought my Louboutins to college with me, but I quickly realized it would probably be safer to keep them at home. This sticker reminds me that my favorite heels are always with me in spirit.

8. Lana Del Rey Heart: This heart contains the lyrics to one of my favorite LDR songs, "Blue Jeans." It's such a pretty song, and I loved how cute this heart was!

9. Alien Sticker: Self-explanatory. I love aliens.

10. Leave Me Alone: A message to all of my lovely friends who try to make small talk while I'm studying. I love you, but please leave me alone <3 (Also this font... so Marina and the Diamonds!)

11. Watercolor Lipstick: I saw this on someone else's laptop and I thought it was such a pretty sticker!

12. Pink Peony: My favorite color, and one of my favorite flowers!

13. Pastel Lips: These were a last minute decision. I chose them to fill up the space left over, and I really love how they look with all the other stickers!

I love the insane variety of stickers offered on Red Bubble! They allow everyone to create their own personalized case for their laptop! What's next on my list? Probably a Stevie Nicks sticker (I'm loving this one right now!)



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