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Final Project: Computer-Aided Design

This semester, I took a course called "Computer-Aided Design" where I learned the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, two extremely useful programs in the fashion industry. I loved learning these programs because, since I'm not into sewing, it gave me a platform for designing my own apparel. For my final project, I worked with my friend, Sophie, and together we created a Fall 2015 collection for our own fashion label, which we named "Varsity."

Our brand sought to target teens and young adults with a very relaxed and chic style. We designed our clothing with a California aesthetic in mind. This was a new challenge for me, since I consider myself to have a very East Coast style. It was so much fun exploring a new sector of the fashion industry. Above, you will see the Inspiration Board Sophie and I created to showcase our work. On the left, we have images that helped us define our client and the type of clothing we wanted to create. On the right, we placed our flats, which are technical fashion drawings that demonstrate seam lines and important elements like buttons and zippers! In the middle, we included our color and pattern swatches as well as two models displaying some of our clothing.

We also submitted a Flat Board, which only displayed our clothing and fashion drawings. Sophie's pieces are on the left, and my pieces are on the right.

I really liked this project because it allowed me to improve my Illustrator and Photoshop skills while utlizing my creativity! It was also really fun to get to collaborate my own design ideas with Sophie's ideas! We worked really well together, and our resulting design concept was a success!

Below, you can see the slideshow that accompanied our presentation! It includes more details about our target client, inspiration, and design process!


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