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Looks: Down By The Bay

It's Day 3 of my California vacation and my family decided to take a trip up to North California. It was a long drive from LA, but once we made it to the Bay Area, we relaxed and enjoyed the city of San Francisco. Manhattan will always be my favorite city, but San Fran is a pretty close second. It's definitely my favorite spot on the West Coast because it has an amazing, fun, and energetic vibe. It's often cloudy in San Fran, but we lucked out and picked a REALLY sunny day to visit this beautiful city.

Check out the Golden Gate Bridge in the background... it's one of my favorite US landmarks! I'm, once again, wearing my Brandy Melville jeans I posted about two days ago. On Tuesday, I stopped into the Brandy Melville in Westwood, LA and purchased this Kiara Tank to match my new jeans. It's a really lightweight tank, and since it gets windy in San Francisco, I made sure to have a sweater with me at all times.

I've already posted about my Lacoste-inspired Uniqlo Cricket Sweater, but I haven't actually had the opportunity to wear it until today! It served as a pretty cute accessory around my waist, and it's heavy, so it kept me warm when it got chilly! On my feet, I'm wearing my Natural Crochet Classic TOMS. They were perfect for walking all around the city!

Of course, no outfit is complete without a good necklace! This Topshop Chain Necklace has been one of my favorite accessories lately! It's a big necklace, so I like how it contrasted with the delicate look of my outfit.

I had such a blast in San Fransisco! I'm so glad I got to visit my favorite West Coast city and spend some time relaxing with my family!

Stay posted for my final outfit from Cali tomorrow!


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