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Designer Spotlight: Wildfox

Wildfox is a Los Angeles-based clothing brand that was launched in 2007. Inspired by fun vintage styles, Wildfox is now sold all around the world in stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and small boutiques. I've been a fan of this brand for a while now because I love their use of bright colors and funny motifs. Somehow, they find a way to seamlessly combine silly and stylish into their designs. One of my favorite Wildfox items is their signature sweatshirt. I just purchased their "Shopping Is My Cardio" sweatshirt this past weekend:

I'm obsessed with these Wildfox sweatshirts because they are just SO soft!! They are perfect for those breezy spring days when it's too warm for a coat but too cold for just a cardigan. They are lightweight, colorful, and even though they might just look like sweatshirts, they can easily be styled into fashionable outfits. For a casual look, I like to pair these sweatshirts with leggings, flats, and a simple cross-body bag. If I'm in a dressier mood, the sweatshirts also look fabulous tucked into a skirt and worn with boots or heels!

Wildfox is constantly making new sweatshirts, but here are a few of my current favorites! Get shopping!!

Twin Palms V-Neck Baggy Beach Jumper ($98.00)

My Date Baggy Beach Jumper ($98.00)

Mantra Nevada Jumper ($98.00)

My Resume Baggy Beach Jumper ($98.00)

Roughing It Baggy Beach Jumper ($92.00)

More Sun Please V-Neck Baggy Beach Jumper ($98.00)

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