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Every girl (even Beyoncé) goes through that awkward stage where she thinks wearing distractingly large earrings is totally trendy. I remember the days of walking into Forever 21 with one mission: to buy the largest, most obnoxiously colorful pair of earrings in the store (I was such a reckless teenager). Fortunately, I've grown out of that phase of my life and I've realized that you can create a much more elegant and stylish look with smaller earrings. That's why I am currently OBSESSED with simple studs. They are less distracting (and certainly less painful) than giant hoops and they can really emphasize the look you are going for without being the center of attention. Here are some of my favorite stud earrings for all styles!

1) Vintage Chic

I have had these Céline Vintage Gold Rhinestone Orb Earrings ($325.00) on my mind ever since I saw them a few weeks ago at Amarcord in Soho (this store is a must-visit for all vintage lovers!) They were super popular during the 90s, and since this decade seems to be a 90s revival, I'm not surprised to see these Céline earrings back in fashion! They're small, but they make a statement. And the best part about these earrings is that they're actually clip-ons, so you don't even need to have pierced ears to wear them! These sparkly studs are great for everyday wear, and they also look fabulous for elegant evening affairs!

2) Fun & Flirty

Looking for something a little more delicate? I love these Kate Spade Secret Garden Mixed Stone Stud Earrings ($58.00). They come in this gorgeous beige color, as well as green, lilac, and black. I really like this pair of earrings because they are small and simple. The rhinestone border adds a little fun and sparkle, and while they may not be simple enough for everyday wear, they are great for special occasions!

3) Branded

If you're really into logos and brands, look no further than these Tory Burch Large T-Logo Stud Earrings ($78.00). I obviously love all things Tory Burch, but these earrings are so great because she utilizes her iconic logo in such a simple and classic way. I recommend these earrings for casual everyday wear, but make sure you remember to take them out before jumping in the shower, because the gold color can wear away if these earrings get damaged!

4) Something Artsy

These Cubic Zirconia Studs ($12.00) from Topshop remind me of something you would find in one of those super modern all-white upscale Manhattan apartments. It's literally like wearing a piece of art on your ears. They also kind of look like ice cubes, which is fun and seasonally appropriate. If you have an art gallery opening you're attending soon, or if you're just feelin' artsy, these earrings are a must-have!

5) On Edge

These Nadri Nested Pavé Triangle Stud Earrings ($40.00) are perfect for an edgy and urban vibe. The small studs set on the black background create an interesting marquee effect, and the pointy corners are sharp and stylish! If you're in the mood for a grungy, head-to-toe black outfit, I'd recommend these earrings!

6) The Absolute Must-Have!

This is something that I cannot stress enough: every girl must have a pair of simple pearl earrings! Pearls are such a necessity because they are sophisticated and timeless. While there are definitely a lot of places that sell pretty nice faux pearl earrings, I typically recommend investing in a real pair because pearl earrings are something you can wear for the rest of your life. These Ziegfeld Collection Pearl Earrings ($200.00) from Tiffany's are small and simple. They're pretty reasonably priced for a pair of pearl studs, and they are fantastic quality!

You're earrings should enhance your look, not dominate it, and simple studs are the perfect way to avoid an overwhelming look while channeling your own personal style!

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