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NYFW: Lacoste F/W '15

However amazing you imagine a NYFW runway show to be, times that by 1000, and that's how amazing it actually is. For a young fashionista, this show was heaven on earth. Chloe and I arrived at Lincoln Center early Saturday morning filled with excitement. We didn't know exactly how early to arrive, and since we overestimated how much time we needed, we were able to spend 20 fashionable minutes chilling in the Lincoln Center Starbucks with at least 30 other well-dressed people sipping on lattees and doing "important-looking" things such as adjusting camera lenses, furiously typing on Blackberry smart phones, and reapplying lipstick. Chloe and I spent a long time trying to decide who in the room was famous, and what they were famous for. Eventually, we headed over to the Lincoln Center Theater, picked up our tickets, and entered into the wonderland that is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Our seats were surprisingly great! We were right at the end of the catwalk, so we had a great view of the models as they approahced the end of the runway and turned around to walk back. On each seat was a thick envelope that read "René did it First." This was, of course, a reference to René Lacoste, the famous French tennis player who founded the Lacoste brand in 1933. The envelope was filled with giant glossy postcards that all related back to René Lacoste and his original image for his brand, which was also the theme of the show.

Also included in the envelope was a booklet with information about the colors and fabrics used in the show, as well as the different accessories and silhouettes. Although the show was set to begin at 10 AM, it didn’t actually start until 10:30 (apparently, this is typical of fashion shows). This gave me and Chloe plenty of time to scope out the crowd and spot some celebrities, including Leandra Medine (I fangirled SO HARD), Bill Cunningham, and Joe Jonas! Unfortunately, Anna Wintour was not present, but perhaps our paths will cross some day.

The lights dimmed, signaling all the people chatting on the runway to take their seats, and eventually, the entire theater was completely dark. Then, the show began!

The show featured both male and female models showing off Lacoste’s latest creations, designed by Felipe Oliveira Baptista. These looks were inspired by the reemerging athleisure trend. While the origins of this are often debated, Baptista wanted to remind the world that René Lacoste was the original creator of the athleisure style. I really loved the French hip-hop music that was used throughout the show; it was a cool mixture between Lacoste’s Parisian roots and a modern hip-hop flair. I also loved all the graphic pieces that read, “René did it First.” This collection was cool and simple, which maintained the look for which Lacoste has always been known.

(Check out Joe Jonas in the background!!)

(Oh hey Bill Cunningham!)

I took over 1,400 pictures at the show, but since I’m not a professional photographer, instead I’ll share with you some of my favorite looks from the show.

Image Source: WGSN

Image Source: WGSN

Image Source: WGSN

Image Source: WGSN

Image Source: WGSN

Image Source: WGSN

This show featured great use of bright colors mixed with subtle greys and camel browns. I really loved how it took simple sportswear and made it exciting and new, and my favorite accessories were the sweatbands worn by the models. While sweatbands were originally an athletic piece, Baptista proved that they could also be worn in high fashion. I was really impressed by Baptista’s collection because so many designers often create collections that are so over the top that they become unrealistic. Lacoste’s show featured clothing that I could see myself wearing on an every day basis. I probably wouldn’t be sporting a head-to-toe red jumpsuit, but the dresses, circle skirts, and sweaters in this show we’re gorgeous!

At the end of the show, Chloe and I took some cute pics on the runway! We had such an amazing time at Fashion Week, and we are already so excited for the next NYFW this fall!

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