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This is a post I really did not want to write, but for the greater good of my style advice, I think it is necessary. If you go to a university on the North East, then chances are, you've seen this logo:

Image Source: Hilton's Tent City

If your campus is anything like mine, you haven't gone five minutes without seeing this patch since returning from winter break. You're probably wondering, what is this arctic program that EVERYONE is a part of...and how didn't I get the memo? Don't worry, everyone didn't travel to Antarctica without you, it's just the latest trend in winter apparel (yes, there are winter outerwear trends now!): Canada Goose winter coats.

Image Source: Latin & Greek for All

When I chose to enroll at Cornell, the first piece of advice I was given was to purchase a GOOD winter jacket. I was told to purchase a Canada Goose, because they sold various somewhat stylish parkas with different levels of cold weather protection. After doing some research, my mother and I quickly realized that these parkas were nearly impossible to find. Either someone bought every jacket last winter, or the company just decided to stop producing them, because we went to every Neiman, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Bergdof's in the area looking for this coat. We finally found a Mystique Parka (the highest level of protection) in my size at a Bloomingdale's and had it shipped to our house. I initially chose this particular coat because it was SUPER heavy (perfect for below zero temperatures) and it extended below my knees. Also, the Canada Goose website boasted that this parka was created for movie stars filming on cold sets, and why shouldn't I be treated like a movie star, too?

Image Source: Bloomingdale's

Buying the Mystique ended up being a huge mistake. The coat was massive, and it became such a hassle to carry around. When I wore it, I would feel like I was on fire, and it took up way too much space. Fortunately, I realized this in December, and I still had time to buy a new jacket before the winter was over. For whatever reason, I was still set on owning a Canada Goose coat, not because they are stylish or better than any other winter jacket, but because I still had this idea stuck in my head that I needed a Canada Goose. So, my mother and I once again began our journey and stumbled upon perhaps the last Shelburne Parka left in America. It was being housed in a ski shop in Texas (side note: why are there ski shops in Texas?), and we immediately ordered it.

Image Source: Bloomingdale's

The Shelburne we ordered was a size small in black. Now, I wear it every day, and I do love it. It keeps me really warm when I'm walking to and from class. It has these great pockets that are lined with fleece, so I don't always have to wear gloves. And, the strip of fur on the hood is detachable! I seriously don't have any issues with my Canada Goose coat.

Here's my issue, though.

It seems like everyone on this campus is also wearing a Canada Goose coat. I don't care that everyone has the same coat as me; that's not the issue AT ALL. The problem is that Canada Goose is becoming a thing, and every good fashionista knows to stay far away from things.

I'm a little annoyed because it's just a winter coat. It's not fashionable, it's not adding anything to your outfit. EVERYONE has winter coats, so why are Canada Goose coats so special? (They aren't). I really don't want what happened to Uggs to happen to Canada Goose. When Uggs first came out, they were just these ugly shoes that were nice to wear in the winter and no one really liked them. Then somehow they gained popularity, and now people who wear Uggs are symbolically stating that they don't really care enough to make their own fashion choices, and they'd prefer to just follow what other people are wearing (or they seriously don't care what they look like and just want to be comfortable; in this case, I applaud you). Someone has to stop Canada Goose from becoming as "basic" and "predictable" as Uggs boots, Michael Kors bags, and Juicy Couture sweat suits.

I don't like that wearing a winter coat automatically places me in a "group." It's like saying to someone "oh you wear Hanes socks? So do I! Omg...Let's take a picture! Make sure to tag Hanes!" A bunch of people wear Hanes socks; that doesn't make them better or worse or more stylish or less stylish than a person who wears KB socks. They're just socks! And coats are just coats!

I'm not going to ramble on about this too long, but basically, a Canada Goose winter coat is a great addition to your wardrobe if you're looking for something that's heavy and protective. That being said, it's not the be-all-end-all. Don't buy a Canada Goose just because your friend has one and you want to be "cool." There are thousands of options for winter coats, and it's important to find one that best suits your price range and personal style.

The moral of this story is, YOU DO YOU! Don't "join the flock" just because it's cool (it's not cool). Find a coat (or shoes, or shirts, or whatever) that YOU love. That's the best way to be stylish!

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