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Just recently, I upgraded to an iPhone 6, and I'm in love with my new phone! But after having an iPhone 4 for so long, it took some time to adjust to how big my new phone is. Unfortunately, my phone no longer fits in most of my small wristlets, and I was having so much trouble finding a wristlet large enough for the iPhone 6! Then, I found this Robinson Pebbled Large Wristlet ($185.00) by Tory Burch! It comes in pink, green, black, tan, and navy. This wristlet is PERFECT for iPhone 6 users like me who hate having to carry a big bag all the time.

It's made of soft pebbled leather, so it isn't stiff at all! This wristlet also has a back zipper pocket, and I use that space for my wallet!

This wristlet zippers around the top and the right side. It doesn't open all the way, but it opens with just enough room to fit all your essentials!

On one side, there are two pockets. I like to put my cell phone in the back pocket.

On the other side is a zipper pocket, which is great for storing cards, makeup, or other small items. I use this area to store my Tory Burch Eau De Parfum Rollerball ($25.00) and my Tory Burch Lipstick in Ramble on Rose ($32.00).

Before purchasing this wristlet, I used a Lilly Pulitzer Wristlet that had a built-in wallet. So, I had to find a small wallet that would fit in my new wristlet! I found this adorable Dena Transit Pass Holder ($95.00) from Tory Burch. This wallet is no longer sold, but the Robinson Transit Pass Holder ($95.00) is really similar!

This wallet is the absolute perfect size for me! I'm always on the go, and I hate to carry around all my cards & cash. But with this wallet, I have the perfect amount of space for all my necessities.

On the inside are three credit card slots and a clear compartment, where I normally keep my drivers license. Behind the plastic license slot is a pocket for cash.

On the back of the wallet is another clear compartment, where I can keep my student ID card for easy access!

I am in love with my new wallet and wristlet! It's the perfect size for my new phone, and has just enough space for all my essentials!

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