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New Topshop Rings

My friend Chloe and I decided to do some shopping in SoHo today, and naturally, we ended up in Topshop. I wasn't planning on buying anything since I've basically spent my entire winter break shopping, but Topshop has a pretty incredible jewelry section...and I got a little carried away.

I've been in need of some new rings anyway, so I guess I can justify my purchase. I bought a mix of small, medium, and large sized rings so I could wear them on different fingers. I've been wearing a lot of gold jewelry lately, so I wanted to stick with that color, and I also made sure to get a variety of styles.

I love these two statement rings. The one on the left is a nice blush pink, and the one on the right is brownish-pink. They're both pretty large but they look great matched with other thin rings, and the colors are perfect for my pale complexion.

These two rings came together in a set. They are both triangles; one is purple and one is yellow. I really like this set because one ring is large and one ring is small, so they can be worn together as a ring and a midi ring, or the small ring can be worn on my pinky finger!

I love these two delicate rings, as well! The stone of the oval ring is a beautiful coral-orange color, and the other ring has three small silver rhinestones on top. These look great paired together.

These three rings also came in a set. I don't really wear rose gold that often, but I love the pearl design on the rose gold ring. The two gold rings are also beautiful.

Finally, I love these statement rings! Topshop had a bunch of different letters and symbols in all different sizes; these three were my favorite! They also have similar astrology rings, but unfortunately for me, I couldn't find any pisces! (but if you're a Taurus, they had like a billion).

These Topshop rings are so fun, and I'm so glad I stumbled upon them today!

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