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Final Project: Fashion Product Management

This past semester, I took a class called "Fashion Product Management," which focused on how a garment travels from its conception to the consumer. We followed the product from the design studio, where designers work to create pieces that uniformly complete a collection while consistently representing current trends, to the factories, where pieces are sewn and dyed to perfection, and finally to the sales floor, where sales associates sell products and discover the selling performance of certain garments.

My final project in this class was a Product Development project, where we formed groups of six people and worked together to develop a line of speciality products for a specific retailer. My group was assigned to "Women's Woven Bottoms," and we chose to work with J.Crew. Other options for retailers included Forever 21, Nike, and The Gap, and other options for garments included Men's and Women's Woven Bottoms, Knit Tops, Woven Tops, and Outerwear.

We began our development process by having bi-weekly meetings to discuss our product line, price point, competiton, etc. We had three mini-presentations, which gave us the opportunity to inform our classmates about our target customer and the product we were creating. We decided to create a line of pajama bottoms for professional women in their late 20s to early 30s, called "Live, Love, Lounge." Our pajama line filled the gap between frumpy pajamas sold at stores like Target and lingere sold at Victoria's Secret. We wanted to create a line that could be worn by women who just wanted to be comfortable, and we also wanted to utilize the recent trend of wearing loungewear as clothing. We created casual pajama bottoms that are also quite stylish and perfectly fit in J.Crew's price point. In addition to creating a clothing line, we also designed home goods products that complimented our pajamas. We put our information together and created our final write-up, or Style Deck. Check it out!

The largest portion of our project was dedicated to creating a "Pop-Up Shop," or a mini showcase of our collection. Our Pop-Up Shop was slumber-party themed, and it was titled "Girl's Night In." At our Pop-Up Shop, we planned to serve champagne, popcorn, and colorful cake pops. In our final presentation, we brought our Pop-Up Shop idea to our classmates.

This was such a fun project because I really learned a lot about the business side of the fashion industry. From deciding on prices, to calculating profit margins, to creating a line of products, this proejct really helped me explore all different areas of business in fashion. It was also really fun collaborating with my classmates, and I really enjoyed working with my group members (Brenna Louie, Megan Lee, Stefanie Allman, Angelique Brownlie, and Robin Reynolds). Check out some pictures from our Pop-Up Shop presentation!

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