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TOMS: The Most Important Shoes You Own

You know when you find something really cool or unique and you start wearing (carrying, using, etc) it before anyone else? Then it suddenly becomes popular and you're like "hey I totally started this trend" and the world is like "hey no one cares." Well, that was basically what happened with me and TOMS shoes. But I'm not bitter about it (okay maybe a little) because TOMS is such an amazing brand with such an important goal, and I'm glad that it has become so popular these past few years. When I first discovered TOMS back in 2010, I was more inspired by their "One for one" message than their actual product, and I attempted to go "One day without shoes," as part of their annual event to help people realize how important shoes are. Unfortunately, the official date of the event was a school day, and my high school wasn't really okay with me walking around barefoot, so I settled for sporting a pair of TOMS to spread the message. I quickly realized that TOMS are like the MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES EVER, and since then, my collection has flourished.

So today, while strolling down Madison Avenue wearing my Natural Crochet Classic TOMS ($59.00), I realized that I've never really dedicated a post to this amazing brand. This post is long overdue, so please forgive me, but it't time we talk about TOMS, AKA the most important shoes I own.

When thinking about shoes (which I do a lot), I often think of my black patent leather Louboutins as my most important pair. But, what have these heels done for the world? Nothing. So sure, I love wearing them, but TOMS are way more important, and they deserve way more attention. Why, you ask? Well, unless you've been living under a rock since 2006, you know that for every pair of shoes TOMS sells, it donates a brand new pair of shoes to a child in need. That's pretty incredible. Since opening shop in 2006, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie has dedicated his life to providing children in developing countries with footwear, enabling them to live healthier lives and prosper. Now, TOMS has expanded to selling sunglasses, and each eyewear purchase helps restore the vision of a child in need through corrective surgery, prescription glasses, or other forms of treatment. It's amazing that a brand can provide consumers with quality products while simultaneously helping the world.

TOMS makes a lot of cute different styles of shoes, but my favorite style is the classic slip on.

I wore a pair in Manhattan today. I walked A LOT, and my feet didn't ache at all! TOMS are so perfect because they are comfortable, but I don't have to settle for wearing ugly sneakers! These are some of my favorites:

I love these Dark Blue Geometric Slip Ons ($59.00). They are part of the Jonathan Adler for TOMS collection. I love Adler's work, and it's so cool that he paired up with TOMS to create a collection! These are so preppy and fun. They remind me of my comforter I bought for college! Navy and white is such a classic look, and these are a great pair for the summer!

These White Crochet Slip Ons ($59.00) are a wardrobe staple. They look fabulous when paired with denim. I love the intricate crotchet detail. Of course, white shoes are bound to get dirty quickly, but fortunately, you can put them away after Labor Day, so they don't have to last very long!

How gorgeous are these Baltic Dip Dyed Slip Ons ($59.00)?? I am obsessed with the color. It is so beautiful, and the ombre effect is so unique!

These Red Tribal Essien Slip Ons ($54.00) make a fun statement piece. They are really colorful, so I would pair them with a simple outfit, like a white flowy tank and dark denim jeans (rolled up, obviously!).

Finally, I'm obsessed with the whole Haiti Artist Collective collection, especially these White Rebert's Beach Scene Slip Ons ($68.00). Each shoe is hand painted by a Haitian artist, so no two are exactly the same! How cool is that? It's like getting your own unique piece of artwork! TOMS shoes are a perfect, inexpensive addition to your summer wardrobe! But more importantly, they allow you to take part in making the world a better place, making them undoubtedly the most important shoes you own.

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