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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I have never been one to jump at sales. In my opinion, I'd rather pay the extra 20 or so percent to avoid the obnoxious crowds. But there's one sale that I cannot ignore: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It is the single greatest discount event in retail. Basically, each year, Nordstrom holds a huge sale in every department in July. The merchandise is always brand new stuff for the fall season, and the markdowns are amazing! Nordstrom cardholders get early access to the sale in order to get the best items before the general public is allowed to shop. Today was one of the last days of early access, so I hit the mall with my game face on. I got some really cute items that are totally going to be great this fall!

I am most excited about this Jolt Colorblock Faux Leather Bouclé Knit Coat. It's retail price is $98.00, but I purchased it for $64.90. I knew I needed this jacket as soon as I saw it. It is edgy, trendy, and surprisingly heavy, so it will keep me warm all winter! Normally, jackets like this look too boxy on my, but this one has a surprisingly slim fit. And it's faux, so it is animal friendly! I totally see this as something Kylie Jenner would wear. It reminds me a lot of her dark and simple style! I am so in love with this jacket.

Another item I really love is this Frenchi Faux Leather Trim Plaid Skirt. This skirt is priced at $42.00, but I purchased it for $27.90. This skirt is going to look great with a black blazer, high socks, and tall boots. It reminds me of something Cher Horowitz would wear, which is basically why I bought it. Plus, it fits really well and it's comfortable!

Once again, citing Kylie Jenner as a style reference, I purchased these Jolt Plaid Skinny Pants. Priced at $48.00, I purchased them for $31.90. I feel like these pants also incorporate a bit of Clueless style in them with the plaid. Looks like my fall wardrobe is going to be a Cher and Kylie collaboration (and I am totally okay with that). These pants are edgy and fun! I love the zipper pockets at the top. They aren't exactly functional, but they are super cute. Those were the three major pieces I purchased today. I also bought some basic tanks and tops to go with the clothes I already own. I am going for a really simple look this fall, so I've been looking for a few statement pieces (like the ones I purchased today) to pair with simple things like plain button downs, basic jeans, and classy shoes. I'm so excited for the fall season because I can't wait to transition to my new wardrobe! And as for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it is NOT something to be missed! If you're looking for the best deals on designer clothing, public access to the sale starts in on July 18th!!

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