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This fall, the fashion industry is going to change in a major way. Sure, fashion designers will be premiering new and never-before-seen trends as they always do, but something bigger is coming. Meet Ringly:

Image Source: Tech Hive

Cute, but it's just a ring, right? Wrong. Using Bluetooth technology, these rings can alert you when you receive a call, text, tweet, email, or any other kind of notification on your smartphone. The ring will send these notifications through different settings of lights and vibrations.

Image Source: Ringly

Using the Ringly app, you can customize which notifications you want to receive, whether it's only texts from Mom and Dad or only calls from your best friend. You can even customize the color of notifications, for example, red flashes can signify family and blue flashes signify friends. Check out this Ringly video:

Ringly was founded by Christina Mercando, who sought to make wearable technology that is actually fashionable. Ringly follows in the footsteps of products like Google glass, but here's some great news! These rings are affordable! Ringly will be releasing their rings this fall, but you can preorder yours now for a discounted price. There are currently four different rings, all gold based and of the same style. The black onyx, pink sapphire, and rainbow moonstone rings will retail at $195.00, but are currently $145.00. The emerald ring will retail at $260.00, but it is currently $180.00.

Image Source: Ringly

This ring is a fun product because it allows you to put your phone away without missing anything. It's easy to stay connected to what matters most while still being fashionable! I am so excited for these rings to premiere in the fall and take the fashion world by storm!

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