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Gifts For Grads

Can you believe the school year is almost over? I’m so excited to graduate high school and move on to Cornell University next year! But first, I need to buy A TON of graduation presents! Everyone is throwing graduation parties, and picking out gifts can be super overwhelming. Here is a cheat sheet of the best gifts for the best prices! Perfectly Practical Presents: Nothing says congratulations like a new Keurig, am I right? There are some things that college students just need, and they’d rather receive them as gifts than pay out of their own pocket! Here are some of my favorite practical presents

I love this personalized drawstring laundry bag ($42.00). One of the hardest parts of college will be learning to do laundry, but it won’t be so bad with an adorable bag like this one! You can customize this bag with tons of different fonts and colors, and you can even get it monogrammed!

I wasn’t joking about the Keurig. This is seriously something every soon-to-be college student wants. This particular Keurig is perfect because it’s small and inexpensive ($99.00). Throw in a few of your favorite K-Cups from Dunkin, and you’ve made the perfect gift!

Every college student needs a USB drive for transferring essays and assignments. Why use a boring USB when you could have a fabulous one? I’m already obsessed with Furla’s Candy Bag, but this Candy USB Stick took my obsession to a whole new level. For $68, you can buy your grad the most fashionable tech accessory there is!

Adorable Accessories:

Get your grad a gorgeous gift (woah so much alliteration) to wear in college! She’ll think of you every time she puts it on!

I love this Tory Burch Flower Double Wrap Bracelet ($125.00). It comes in pink, navy, and white (all great choices, but obviously pink is my favorite!). This bracelet is simple, casual, and thoughtful. Your grad will absolutely love it!

Another great gifts is a fun wallet! This Kate Spade Cobble Hill Lacey Wallet ($198.00) is perfect! It comes in hot pink, light blue, black, and a deep maroon-ish red. It's large, so it has lots of room for cash and credit cards, and it's so stylish!

Finally, a simple initial necklace is a great, personal gift! I like this SHY by Sydney Evan Initial Pendant Necklace with Diamond ($125.00). This is different than other initial necklaces because it has an adorable diamond detail! It is very simple and reasonably priced; and it makes a beautiful gift!

Graduation is such an exciting time! I've had a great four years at high school, and there are definitely things I am going to miss, but I'm so ready to move on to bigger and better things! I can't wait to share all my experiences with you, and I thank you for following me on my journey!

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