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Why Color Blocking is Still a "Thing"

First of all, what is color blocking? Basically, it’s when you take a bunch of solid pieces of clothing in all different colors that seemingly do not match at all and wear them together as a fashion statement.

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When color blocking re-emerged as a trend in 2011, I didn’t like it. I thought it was weird, probably because it was unexpected and different (basically what fashion is suppose to be). Anyway, over time, color blocking has developed and grown into a lasting trend. Why? Because, at least for me, color blocking is what you do when you run out of things to wear.

Why would anyone ever pair a blue tank top with magenta pants and a black cardigan? I don’t know. But when I put this outfit together at 5:30 this morning, it looked somewhat fashionable. And it does work, purely because color blocking is a “thing” of fashion. We see designers put outfits together with colors that really don’t match. But, it’s stylish because designers say so, and we agree because, well, why wouldn’t we? But enough of my Psychology of Fashion 101. All you need to know is that color blocking is SO EASY… as long as you don’t pair red and green (they’re always going to be Christmas colors), black and navy (basic law of fashion), or black and brown (just because they clash). Of course there are exceptions to these rules, so don’t take them too seriously. Just remember, when it comes to color blocking, there’s a thin line between being the next great trendsetter and being a total fashion failure. Kristen Stewart knows a little bit about that.

Image Source: KStewartFans

Image Source: KStewartFans

Color blocking isn’t a trend gone wrong. It works because we’re convinced that is it does. But hey, the more fashion the better, right? Color blocking will continue to exist as a trend because it is a weirdly fashionable last-resort style. So embrace it, and try not to think too hard.

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