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My Italian Adventure: Venice Day 3 & Florence Day 1

Disclaimer: This was NOT a fashionable day for me, at all. But, it was one of my favorite days on the trip, so I still wanted to share it. I committed such a fashion faux pas, but it was so worth it! We made t-shirts for our vacation with all of our names in a crossword puzzle. The crossword puzzle was complimented by a giant map of Italy colored in red and green. Imagine 8 Americans traveling around Italy in ridiculous matching T-shirts. We traveled from Venice to Florence by train. After a nice 2 hour ride, we arrived in Florence, ready to explore the city! But we couldn't take a typical walking tour of historic Florence, that is WAY too typical. So what did we do? A Segway tour. Now, imagine 8 Americans traveling around Italy in ridiculous matching T-shirts on Segways. Oh wait... I have pictures!

This was really the best way to see Florence! I toured Florence last summer by foot, but the Segways allowed us to see so much more of the beautiful city in half of the time! Here are just some of the many amazing places we saw while on tour!

I can't wait to share my next day in Florence with you! Stay posted because my next outfit is SUPER fashionable!

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