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Wearing the same hairstyle every day is so boring! But, who has the time to curl, straighten, or blow out their hair every single day? The best way to jazz up your hairdo this spring by accessorizing your hair!

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I love headbands, especially ones that are super glittery! Flower crowns are SOOO last spring (and let's be honest, Lana Del Rey is the only one who looks good in those, anyway) so if you're still holding on to old headbands, it's about time you traded them in for these trendier hair pieces! I just purchased this Stephan & Co. Beaded Head Wrap ($16.00) in ivory last Thursday! It also comes in charcoal black! I like this headband because it's stretchy, so I can wear it all day without being uncomfortable. It also adds a lot of sparkle to my hairstyle, and it looks great when I wear my hair down or with a preppy french braid!

I also purchased this BP. Seed Bead Head Wrap ($16.00) in pink! It also comes in a brown and blue color, but pink matches my wardrobe better. The best way to wear a thicker headband like this is by straightening your hair, parting it to one side (I prefer the left), and putting the headband on! The side part adds a super-preppy-gossip-girl effect to your look (see Blair Waldorf rocking the side part below)!

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I'm also in love with this BP. Beaded Headband ($18.00) in ivory! This headband is so elegant, and I love the beautiful detail! It's perfect for everyday wear, but it can also be dressed up for a fancier occasion!

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