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One thing I am really going to miss about high school is being a member of the Wayne Hills Theatre Workshop. For the past three years, I have been in three musical productions through my high school: Beauty and the Beast, Curtains, and Godspell. A week ago today was opening night of Godspell, and it was absolutely the most amazing show I could ever hope to be a part of! What a great way to end my senior year! This show is a little untraditional, and the characters don't actually have names, but basically it's a story about Jesus, the apostles that followed his teachings, and how Judas betrayed him. The twist is that it is set in a consignment shop in current time! I know, it sounds SUPER weird, but you have to see it to understand it. I had such an amazing time being an apostle, and it was such a fun role because instead of creating a character, I really got to be myself! I sang the song "Day By Day," and here is a clip of me singing from our Friday night performance:

Another one of my favorite numbers was "All for the Best," and I loved this one because it was a tap number!

And finally, I really loved singing "By My Side." The harmonies in this song are SO BEAUTIFUL, and I got to sing it with my friends Paula, Izzy, and Amanda, which was so much fun!

My favorite part about being in the theatre program was making so many amazing friends! I have made so many amazing memories with absolutely amazing people, and I am really going to miss my time with the Wayne Hills Theatre Workshop! So, thank you to everyone who helped make my time with the WHTW so much fun, thank you to my cast and crew, my INCREDIBLY TALENTED directors, my parents, and everyone who came to see the show! (oh and also a quick shout out to my friend, Jayna Puchkoff, for these awesome pictures!)

Of course, I can't conclude this post without talking about my costume!! I worked SO HARD to put this costume together, and I am so happy with how it came out! I am wearing a light wash denim jacket from Nordstrom, and I actually made my top with the help of my friend, Sam. It was originally a white crop top from Brandy Melville, but we used a tye dye kit to color it pink and green! I am also wearing a white tulle skirt from a costume store, a pink statement necklace from Nordstrom, and a jeweled bracelet from Forever 21. My silver sneakers are Keds, and my tap shoes are Capezio. My mother actually made my flower belt. Part of the story of Godspell is that each apostle gets a gift from Jesus. In some productions, they all wear red roses or certain makeup. In our production, each apostle got a different gift, but they were all the same color: teal! So, my mom and I purchased ribbon from a fabric store and made this GORGEOUS teal belt! I am so in love with this costume. I am going to miss being in the musical so much, and I am so thankful I had this amazing experience for the past three years!

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