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Movie Review: Justin Bieber's "Believe"

If you know me, then you know I am a HUGE Belieber! It's my guilty pleasure; I'm in love with Justin Bieber.

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Justin has received a lot of criticism, especially this year, for his actions, purchases, words, and much more. But, this movie goes behind the scenes and explains what is really going on in Justin's life. Directed by Jon M. Chu, this film is a lot different than "Never Say Never." While it still showcases his concert performances, "Believe" focuses less on Justin's roots and more on how he handles the press, his fans, and his support team. It details his infamous run in with the press in London back in March.

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Justin explains how growing up in front of the paparazzi has made his life very difficult. He is one of the most sought-after stars, and he snapped from the pressure. But, he also explains that he learned from this mistake. Justin acknowledges the fact that he could be the next young star train wreck, but he explains that Scooter Braun (his manager), Pattie Mallette (his mother) and his fans are always there to keep him on track.

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My favorite part of the movie was when Justin talked about Avalanna Routh, also known as Mrs. Bieber. This young girl was a HUGE Bieber fan, and she had a rare form of brain cancer. Justin heard about Avalanna on the internet, and decided to meet her in person. What was suppose to be a quick meet and greet became a strong relationship, and Justin became very attached to Avalanna. He would often visit her, and he even brought her out on stage as his One Less Lonely Girl, as seen in this video:

Avalanna passed away at the age of 6 just days before the kickoff concert for the Believe Tour. As a tribute to Mrs. Bieber, Justin sang OLLG to her in a very emotional performance.

I'll admit it; I was crying hysterically at this part of the movie. When it comes to Justin, I get very emotional. "Believe" may have been very different from "Never Say Never," but it was still an AMAZING movie that I think everyone should see. It shows a side of Justin that is often forgotten. While he may be the most famous teenage boy in the world, he is still a human; he makes mistakes and he has feelings. I recommend this movie not only because I am a Belieber, but because it clears up the rumors and exposes the truth about Justin Bieber!

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