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Trends I Love: Alex & Ani

Merry Christmas Eve to all my friends out there who celebrate! I figured I'd make a post about something you're all hoping to find under your Christmas trees: Alex & Ani bangles!

Image Source: Alex & Ani

I love these bracelets! They're comfortable, not too heavy, and they come in every symbol imaginable. Seriously, there is even a bracelet for people who like lobsters! The most important thing to do before buying your first Alex & Ani bracelet is to make a choice: gold, silver, or both?

Image Source: Alex & Ani

The best way to choose between gold and silver is to base it off of your complexion. If you are very pale (like me) or if your skin has a pink undertone, then silver bracelets will look better on your skin. If you are tan, dark, or have a yellow undertone, then gold bracelets will complement your complexion. Or, if you're adventurous, you can mix metals!

Image Source: Alex & Ani

Now let's talk about the must have charms. If you are just starting your Alex & Ani collection now, you should purchase an initial bangle, a birth stone bangle, and a beaded bangle. I began my collection with an an amethyst (because my birthday is in February) and a Sky beaded bangle.

Alex & Ani's also make the perfect present! Whether you're shopping for a friend, family member, or someone special in your life, there is an Alex and Ani for the occasion!

For a Friend's Birthday:

Everyone has that friend they aren't so close with. When you get invited to her birthday party, what do you buy her without breaking the bank? Stick to the $28 price range. Alex & Ani sell a lot of bangles for only $28. These are great gifts because they can add to your friend's collection. And, if she doesn't love it or already has that bangle, she can easily return and exchange it! Here are some of my favorite $28 bangles.

Birth Stone Charm Bracelet

Astrology Charm Bracelet

Sea Shell Bracelet

Lotus Peace Petals Charm Bracelet

Apple of Abundance Charm Bracelet

For a Family Member/Special Occasion:

Some occasions require more than a $28 budget. For these gifts, there is a wider selection of bracelets. First you must decide whether you want to purchase a charm bracelet, a beaded bracelet, or a wrap bracelet. You can find a large selection of more expensive charm bracelets here, but since I already highlighted a lot of these bracelets, I'm going to move on to beaded bracelets and wraps!

I love the beaded bangles! They range from $25 to $75, and they come in every color imaginable!! Here are just some of my the trendiest bangles on sale now:

Graphite Tinsel Beaded Bangle

Sunburst Bangle

Spikes of Courage Bangle

Pink Beaded Bangle

Azure Glade Beaded Bangle

And, wraps make a great gift too! They are statement pieces, and they break up all the bangles on your wrist. Here are some of the best wraps from Alex & Ani:

Azure Mirage Wrap

Hamsa Wrap

Gypsy 66 Wrap

Highwire Haze Wrap

Prisim Spark Wrap

And here's a major upcoming trend alert! Check out Alex & Ani rings! They aren't as popular as their signature bracelets, but they are so cool. I love them because they are small but they still have that signature Alex & Ani look. You are sure to be the envy of all your friends with these adorable rings!I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Give thanks for all the blessings in your life!

Eye of Horus Spiritual Imprint Ring

Hand of Fatima Ring

Happy Spiritual Buddha Ring

Empress of Earth Ring

Empress of Wind Ring

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