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Looks: Summer In Winter?

Today, it hit 70ºF. It's December 22nd. This is weird, right? But, I'm not complaining, I LOVE warm weather! Today I got to pull out some of my clothes from this summer and wear them to a family Chanukah party.

Most of my outfit is actually from Brandy Melville.

Since I bought my skirt in the summer, it's no longer sold at Brandy. But, for reference, it's called the Sylvia skirt, and it is seen above in pink (I also own the pink one; I love it!) The most similar skirt currently sold at Brandy is the Heather Skirt ($22.00), shown below.

The next piece of my outfit is my top. I wore the classic Giselle Top from Brandy ($16.00). I own 10 of these (1 in every color, and 2 in white.) They are comfy, cheap, and look great with everything. I wear them with skirts, leggings, pants, and under vests, sweaters, and jackets.

My necklace is a gold chain with a hamsa, also from Brandy Melivlle, however it is no longer sold there. I purchased my high socks from Bloomingdales, and they are basic black knee-high socks.

My jacket is also no longer sold, however I bought it at Nordstrom, and the one shown above is very similar. This 'Vermont' Distressed Denim Jacket by Paige Denim is $218. I love light denim because it can be worn during any season! And the distressed look on this jacket is totally chic.I got lots of great new clothes at my Chanukah party today, and I can't wait to share them all with you soon!

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