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Winter Is...Not Terrible

Today was the first real snow day where I live. We had an early dismissal from school, the roads were a mess, and the ground is covered in melty, slushy, nasty, snow. (I hate snow, if you haven't noticed.) Not only did this snow RUIN my brand-new leather boots, but it set in the harsh realization that winter is here. The next three months will be filled with miserable, unhappy weather. But, as the title of this post exclaims, winter is not terrible! No matter how much snow is on the ground or how freezing cold it is outside, there is still fashion. And winter fashion is a blast! Boots, cute socks, scarves, and everything in between all come together to create the perfect winter wardrobe. But, best of all, winter is the only time a year where you can wear furs! YAY! That's right; I'm obsessed with furs. They are gorgeous, soft, and super-stylish. What better way to start off the winter season than with a post on these fabulous coats?

*Note: Sorry to any animal-lovers out there, but fur is a part of fashion!*

This Couture Reversible Silk & Genuine Fox Fur Jacket by George Simonton is to die for! It is made from genuine fox fur from Finland, and the base of the coat is silk. The coat comes in black and champagne, but I (for obvious reasons) prefer champagne! At $995, this is a more affordable fur jacket for a girl with chic style!

Are you a trendsetter? A risk taker? Is your style so "out there" that people always ask you "why are you wearing that?" Then this is the fur for you! Straight from the vaults at Bergdorf is this glamorous Ralph Lauren Collection Kristina Shearling Jacket. This jacket is a fur-lover's dream; the coat is made from Spanish goat fur and the collar is made from Chinese lamb shearling. This piece is the epitome of fashion. And even better yet, it's on sale right now for $3,298 (originally $5,498). The only downside of this coat is that it's SO beautifully crafted, it has to be cleaned only by a fur specialist. But, it's the perfect piece for a super-fashionista.

I love capes; they were really big in fashion last year, and I think they are still super trendy. This Tiered Fox & Rabbit Fur Cape by Fox Unlimited is one of my favorites this season. I like the tiered style because it adds dimension to the look, and the green color is so unique. I also love rabbit fur; it's softer than most furs, in my opinion. This cape is cute for a party or a night out in the city. And at $1,395, it's sure to turn heads!

Finally, not everyone is looking for genuine fur. For those who love the look but not the concept of real fur, this Topshop Margot Faux Fur jacket is a perfect option! Of course, it's Topshop, my favorite! I love this jacket because it keeps you warm like real fur and looks genuine, however it's a lot cheaper ($178) and animal friendly! No matter what your price point is or what style you are looking for, there is a perfect winter fur coat out there for you!

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