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The iPhone Struggle

Two summers ago, I entered the world of iPhones. My white iPhone 4S was the center of my universe. Never before had I experienced such an incredible amount of technology in a 3 x 4 rectangle. I could text, email, search the web, take pictures, and play games all from one device. While many of my friends quickly grew tired of their new iPhones, the novelty never wore off for me. Even when the "new and improved' iPhone 5 was released, I didn't care about not having the latest phone. I loved my phone the way it was: perfect. That is, until I noticed a major change in the shopping world. As more and more people purchased the iPhone 5, my 4S became outdated. Slowly but surely, there were less cases for my phone. I was struggling to find trendy phone cases to match my fabulous style while comfortably fitting my phone. I finally found an amazing case from Vera Bradley in June that I have been using ever since. However, as it has been almost 6 months with this case, it is time for a new one. With the holiday season approaching, I figured a new case would be the perfect gift to ask for! So, I complied this list of iPhone 4/4S cases that are still stylish!

This Glitter iPhone Case by Kate Spade is the perfect holiday accessory. It's super sparkly and made of hard silicone, so it's very protective. There are sparkles inside of the plastic, as well as on the outside, making it extra-fantastic. I love this case because it's great for my personality: it's very BOLD and fun! The best part about this case: it's only $35! What a steal for a designer accessory!

I love this Fendi iPhone 4/4S Case. It's made of rubbery silicone, so it's a little stretchy. But it's very trendy with the iconic Fendi Logo. The color is a little more yellow in person, and has openings on the top and sides for the lock button and your headphones. The only thing I don't love about this case is the price. It's $110, which, in my opinion, is A LOT to pay for a silicone phone case. But, it is Fendi, which explains the steep price.

This Frame Case for iPhone 4/4S by Vera Bradley is the phone case I'm currently using. I have it in the pink flowery pattern, and I love it. I always get complements on it. I think it's very stylish and fun, and it lasted for 6 months, which is pretty impressive. This case is only $38. I've been very successful with this case, so I will probably end up purchasing it again. This time, I think I am going to buy the pink elephant pattern because this is one of Vera Bradley's Breast Cancer Awareness patterns. Vera Bradley also makes snap-on cases for the iPhone 4/4S, but I prefer the frame case because it's more protective.

I really like the iPhone 4S Cover by Lilly Pulitzer because it comes in so many fun colors! It's very similar to the Vera Bradley case in it's design, however it's only $26! Lilly Pulitzer cases used to be low-quality, but they have changed greatly and this case is much more durable. Plus, it's super shiny, so it's a win-win!

And finally, here is the Little Brown Case. I bought this case in February last year and I used it for about 4 months. It's made of loose silicone, which isn't my favorite for a phone case, but it has a nice texture that makes it really fancy. I love this case because I get SO MANY compliments on it. Everyone knows the "Little Brown Bag" so this case is very recognizable, and many people think it is adorably witty. This case is perfect for a classic fashionista. And at $30, it's just the right price for a phone case. Don't be discouraged when searching for a iPhone 4/4S case because there are plenty of fun and fashionable options for every budget!

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