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As you may already know, I have an internship at my local Nordstrom. It's a retailing internship, and I get to learn all about how to market products, how to give shoppers an enjoyable experience, and how to stay ahead of the trends. Yesterday, we specificallly focused on competition. We talked about how to beat the competition when it comes to displays, products, prices, and quality. My internship is through the Junior's Department, B.P., but the manager of the Savvy Department spoke with us about how Savvy is transforming their image. For those of you familiar with Nordstrom, Savvy used to be an expensive department that was targeted to older customers. Now, Savvy has completely changed their product, target customer, and price point, making it the perfect department for young women ages 16 to 30. It now carries brands like BB Dakota, BLANKNYC (their jeans are the best!), Tildon, and my favorite, Topshop. Few women know about Savvy's new image, so to help with some publicity, I've been wearing this adorable "Topshop Loves New Jersey" canvas tote:

I buy most of my wardrobe from this department. The prices are reasonable, the quality is great, and it is more mature than the clothes I find in BP. Here are some of my favorite new pieces in Savvy now!

This Crop Faux Fur Coat by Mural is so cute. It is $98, which is a little more than I would normally spend on a trendy jacket, but I saw it in person yesterday and it looks like so real! It's definitely worth the price.

This ASTR Twist Strap Metallic Body-Con Dress is definitely a statement piece. It's fun and youthful without being too revealing. This dress would be perfect for a New Year's Eve party or an evening holiday event. The gold detail is perfect for the holiday season, and the length is just right: not too long and not too short. I can't believe this dress is only $62!! It's Nordstrom quality and style without a ridiculous price tag.

Every girl needs a good biker jacket. I love this Wylde Faux Leather Biker Jacket by Topshop because it is so cool! It's $85, but the quality is great and in person, you can't even tell it's faux leather. I'd pair this jacket with a heavy sweater, dark jeans, and black bootie wedges for a hot winter look. This chic jacket is a great addition to any wardrobe.

I really don't know why, but I'm so obsessed with this skirt. I wish I had somewhere to wear it to so that I could justify buying it. I can see Kylie Jenner wearing this Topshop Big Wheel Tube Skirt for sure. At $56, it's reasonably priced and trendy. It takes a true fashionista to rock a piece like this!

Finally, I thought I'd go out with a bang with this top. By MINKPINK, this Glamour Glitter Sequin Top is perfect for a night out on the town. It's fully lined, so the sequins aren't itchy on this inside. It's unlike any top I've seen before, and it's certainly youthful. Priced at $89, this is a steal for such a trendy shirt. As you can see, Savvy is no longer the department for mothers to browse while their daughters shop in BP. Savvy is now for the mature teen making her transition into a mature young. Be sure to check out your Savvy Shop at Nordstrom!

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